A Guide To Hiring The Perfect Laravel Developers

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In your head, you have the image of exactly the type of person you want and so you start the search, whether that’s one developer or an entire team. Regardless of the number, you need to make sure that they fit in with the culture of your office environment. How your team functions will directly impact the overall success of your final product.

For those in search of a PHP Laravel developer, we have some advice. By combining the information in this article with your needs and experience, you will be able to create your team in no time.

Both Laravel Development services and the framework are popular, which means the opportunities to find developers are great. But first of all, let’s discuss Laravel and the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer.

What is Laravel and how does it work?

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that is used to develop web applications. The first version was released in 2011 and since then it has had many updates. The latest version that came out in May is a new stable version. As with most PHO frameworks, Laravel follows a model-view-controller pattern or MVC. And, like many frameworks, it’s open-sourced for easier and faster development.

Many choose Laravel for its wide selection of functionalities, the advanced security it offers, and its ease of use. However, it requires dedicated Laravel developers with a background in Core PHP, Advanced PHP, and HTML.

How to go about hiring a Laravel developer

The first decision is whether to hire in-house or externally with temporary partners. Hiring in-house generally takes longer with some potential issues:

  • The team you create may not have the best working relationship. While they may be solid professionals, they might be lacking in the ability to work with other team members.
  • It is not always easy to hire the perfect Laravel developer. They might have a higher expected salary than you can permit, or not be in the right area.
  • Creating your own team takes time. Most suggest that it takes around 6 months for a team to bond and begin functioning at the highest standards. While this is taking place, your project isn’t being worked on and this will lead to a loss of earnings.

If you are not available to dedicate time to building your team, or you are working within a tight schedule, you might want to outsource to specialized Laravel developers. You will have access to more talent and at more affordable rates.

Things to bear in mind before choosing a Laravel developer

If you go down the outsourcing path, there will be a lot more possibilities to choose from, and with this, comes the risk of making mistakes. The following tips will assist you in your hunt for the best Laravel developer:

  • Take your time. Choosing to outsource is going to save you a lot of time compared with building your own team, so you can afford not to rush. Take the necessary time to find a team that will suit all of your requirements. Perhaps you would like a team that visualizes the project the same way you do as well as being extremely talented.
  • One developer is fine if you are on a tight budget, or if the project is small enough for one person. On the other hand, if you can, hire a team. One person completing the entire project leaves room for errors. A team has each other’s backs.
  • Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have the means to hire a senior Laravel developer! Not necessarily. Those who are more experienced and skilled with certain software tend to have more preferences and patterns, which may not fit in with your ideas.
  • Think about your budget. Generally speaking, good developers are not cheap. An average salary for an Eastern European Laravel developer can be about $20,000. In the US, it could be as much as $70,000. There are many options so finding a suitable one for you won’t be difficult. On top of this, if you are outsourcing, you are probably paying for the project, so the actual salaries won’t be your concern.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to hire a Laravel developer, but even more reasons to outsource your project to a specialized team of developers. Mainly, you will save valuable time and money, not to mention excellent talent that will be working on your project. You can focus on other areas of your business knowing that your team will take care of each and every step.