Conducting Effective Tech Interviews

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A person’s efficacy can be determined completely by going through an effective interview.

Drafting an effective and thorough interview process is necessary to hire skilled, experienced and intelligent programmers that will help the company flourish. Poor or inefficient interview process fails to do so and can result in detrimental conditions due to the lamentable state of the employees.

Since the global and digital marketplace is rapidly increasing so is the number or potential programmers but how to find the right one for the company?

The most effective method is to draft a realistic scenario by which the candidate’s skills, weak points and the ability to work under stress can be critically analyzed.

Drafting an effective interview process

The interviewee should be well aware of the position that he is hiring for and should know the tricks to evaluate a candidate for the particular skills needed for the position.

Open-ended questions should be asked to judge the level of critical thinking of a programmer.

The tasks prepared for the interview should be tested beforehand so that they are neither too easy nor too difficult or consists of any loopholes.

To draft a complete interview, process the entire tech team should play their part to include all possible areas and evaluate the candidate’s maximum potential.

Do’s and Don’ts during an interview

  • Make the environment close to the environment of the company
  • Expectations should be made apparent to the candidate.
  • Instructions should be enlisted and provided beforehand
  • Maintain a calm environment and do not pressurize the candidate. Provide enough time for them to reevaluate their work and make changes to the mistakes they made.
  • Candidates must not be interrupted while making mistakes. Analyze how they identify their mistakes and if they are capable enough to correct them as it will be their performance in real-life scenarios.
  • Provide additional time for water and restroom breaks so the candidate does not remain under unnecessary stress.

Concluding the performance

Make sure to evaluate the candidate if they can code well? Were they good at communication? Was their attitude according to the team’s expectations? Was their work in proper and required order? Can they tolerate active criticism? Were they career-oriented? Are their goals according to the need of the position you are looking for? Also, listen to what the team’s opinion about them is.

Mistakes that prevail in the interview process

  • Like the candidate, sometimes an interviewee makes a few common mistakes that should be avoided to conduct an effective interview.
  • Only providing a single task and judging the performance based on that. Rather, draft a process that consists of different challenges for the candidate to evaluate his maximum skills.
  • Don’t expect too much from an entry-level programmer don’t expect them to act as professional and experienced persons.
  • Don’t anticipate too much from a resume rather meet and evaluate skills and knowledge on your own. Ask about their preceding work experiences and projects and analyze their expertise level accordingly.
  • Try to prepare tasks that can evaluate every candidate’s critical thinking and expertise level together.
  • Give a warm welcome to all the candidates so they feel at ease and their nervousness vanish.
  • Try to communicate job duties correctly, otherwise, a person may come prepared for one type of task and panic at being asked to perform something else.
  • Entertain open-ended answers to questions so that more critical and out of the box thinkers are considered for the position.

Keeping in mind all the stated do’s and don’ts a hiring manager’s responsibility is to pick out the cream of developers from a wide variety. Conducting an effective tech interview requires diligent analysis of the hiring manager and effective contribution of the expertise of existing programmers in the company.