Thinking of Going Mobile? 3 Things to Know When Hiring a Mobile Developer

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It takes time and planning to create a 5-star development team. To help you on the way we have created a 3-point guide to help you find the best talent and get you started in the hiring process.


In 2019, 63% of web traffic happened on a mobile device. This makes it the number one way that people are accessing the internet.

This growing traffic has made it more and more important for businesses, regardless of sector, to offer their services through a mobile application.

Unfortunately, mobile app development is a lot more complicated than it looks and it takes time to develop an app that provides a good user experience.

A common challenge is sourcing the right developer who understands your company, what you are trying to achieve and who can translate this image into a functional app.

We have created a list of things to take into consideration when recruiting for your next mobile app developer.

Be clear with what you’re looking for

Are you looking for an entry-level newly graduated app designer or are you looking for someone capable of launching a brand-new cross-platform app who’s had 15+ years of experience? A good idea would be to create a list of essential qualities and qualifications and use this as a candidate scorecard. This ensures you remain focused on the things which matter most to you.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Are you Launching New or Existing Mobile Apps?: Usually, you’re either: 1) developing a mobile app for an existing business, who may already have a website or 2) launching a mobile app startup.
  • If you are creating a mobile app as an extension of the business website, it must align with the existing brand. In this instance, you will just need someone to simply write the codes.
  • If you’re creating a new mobile app startup you may wish to consider someone who has some design experience too.
  • Android versus iOS: Are you looking to target Android or iOS users, or both?  This can sometimes be a difficult, but crucial decision. However, this will not only help ensure you hire the best app developer but deliver better user functionality and thus UX.
  • Senior versus Junior developer: How technically difficult is the job and what is your budget? Ensure you tailor your recruitment advert and interview to attract the right candidates. For senior developers, it would be a good idea to ask them to share a project they have created first-hand and have them walk you step-by-step through their approach during either a video chat or a face-to-face interview. If you are looking for more junior mobile app developers, you may want to concentrate on qualifications/ skills in coding languages and frameworks such as Native, Java, React Native and Kit.

Test their hard skills

You need to ensure the candidate has a good understanding of the underlying mechanics of the software and whether they can carry out basic programming. A technical interview should give a good insight into how the candidate thinks through problems. This will give you a good idea about how capable they are in solving everyday technical challenges.

There are a multitude of online code testing platforms that will enable you to accurately assess a candidate’s technical skills and make the hiring decision that little bit easier.

Come prepared

Ensure that you come prepared with all the information the developer will need to get a good understanding of your project. If you don’t have a technical background it would be a good idea to collaborate with your mobile development team about the necessary skill sets and qualifications required.

Ensure that you carry out a structured interview so that it is as informative as possible. Look for:

  • Basic knowledge of the company – The candidate should be prepared and have done at least some research on the company.
  • Creativity—Successful mobile app developers tend to share common characteristics. As they need to be able to transform ideas into reality, an inquisitive and solution-focused attitude is imperative.

Agility and flexibility – candidates who can continuously grow, develop and adapt tend to do better in the ever-changing world of mobile apps.

Using insights to drive hiring tactics

On a final note, hiring the best mobile developer is challenging. Following these three guidelines will set you up for the best chance of success:

  1. Be clear with what you’re looking for
  2. Testing their hard skills,
  3. Come prepared

Use this as a guide to help you win over talent and get started on the hiring process.