Attract The Best Angular JS Developers – Tips and Tricks

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The perfect AngularJS developer has to have an excellent understanding of core programming concepts, good JavaScript fundamentals, browser skills, and sound understanding of HTML and CSS. The process of hiring this person is not much different from the process of hiring any other front-end developer.

AngularJS, besides necessary skills, delivers programming paradigms that are not usually used in the front-end world. Also, some features are unique to it as well. It is essential to mention that these skills are not easy to learn and cannot be conquered by playing around with the framework.

Here are the basic tricks and tips when it comes to hiring a new AngularJS developer. Make sure to test these concepts before you test the traditional algorithm skills of your candidates.

There are a lot of AngularJS powerful concepts to the front-end, and those allow building larger applications in the browser. Pay particular attention to:

Modular Design – modularizing codebase is the most important requirement that comes from medium to extensive AngularJS application. Thus, the developer has to be aware and has to understand the best practices of modularization of codebases. An enormous challenge can test this.

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control – With both, you can quickly build to inter-dependent components without obligating each component to be aware of how to create the other. AngularJS heavily use DI, and its understanding is quite essential, especially if further growth is involved.

Reusability and Separation of Concerns – each service and component can be separated. The developer you seek should be able to break down the parts of your applications into small, reusable components that will be able to improve the testability and lower the complexity.

Unit testing – your future employee, must own the basic knowledge of automated testing concepts.

The Specific Features of Angular

Your developer should be aware of all the core features that are, in fact, exclusive to Angular JS.

Directives and Components – be sure that your developer can build directives. That can quickly determine whether they are skilled or not.

Built-Ins Bonus – the test you’ll bring to your candidate, should give a chance to use the built-in directives.

Promises and q – Modern AngularJS applications require promises. They are new, but asynchronous functions are equally important, so they must be included in the text. Do not give a simple UI test.

Http Service – make sure that your developer understands the core AJAX concepts.

The unique digest cycle is last but not least – the perfect candidate will know how the cycle works, the limitations this cycle has, and how to find, avoid and correct the dreaded infinite digest error. Ask your candidate about past errors and how they dealt with them.

Make sure you give a code to write. Candidates that will write codes and will later submit them for review will give you a bright look at their skills as developers.