10 Most Popular Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Stack developers’ positions are arising all the time, and since 2018, they have been crowned as the best tech jobs in the United States when it comes to salary, number of job postings and opportunities for improvement. But those positions are also the hardest to find and even harder to perform.

Job recruiters reveal that when it comes to interviews, they do not only want to find particular answers to their questions. Also, they say that they do not seek expertise in each one. The questions simply are there to help recruiters gain a solid understanding of where the candidate may be experience proficient.

There are few questions and instructions that are regularly asked, and developers should pay attention to them to feel more confident and to nail that interview and land that job.

  1. What is your favorite language? – Remember, recruiters, want to hear more than one language here. It shows how engaged you are and how passionate you are about the job.
  2. Why is that language your favorite?
  3. Elaborate on one example of a web application built by you and what technologies were used. What considerations were implemented about the tech stack? – Here recruiters gain the thinking and the consideration one developer is making after taking over a toolset.
  4. How do you learn about the newest additions to full-stack web development? – the answer here revealed how involved or uninvolved one candidate is.
  5. What new have you learned this year?
  6. Can you name one situation in which you found an inefficiency in someone else’s code, and how did you address it? – recruiters in here check your quality assurance checking and see if you are prepared to point out flaws and bugs on others.
  7. What do you know about design patterns? – this one here tells about the background of each candidate and how that background prepared them.
  8. Elaborate on a situation in which you had difficulties in implementing or debugging something at each part of the stack – as we all know, development is a serious profession with many ups and downs. It is quite complicated, so there are going to be different kinds of problems. Here focus more on how you solved the problem. That is what they ultimately want to hear.
  9. What kind of role would you prefer?
  10. What is your way of storing a user’s password for an online portal? – the question may be simple but is quite powerful. It tells about the security knowledge of the developer.
  11. Tell us about your current projects. – here, recruiters want to know how much time you spend on coding.
  12. If you had to develop a project right at this moment, what technologies, languages, and frameworks would you use? – That is a complicated question that must be answered correctly. You have a short amount of time to answer it, yes, but this is the question that excludes you from the rest of others. Answer it and simply clearly – that is the most appropriate answer.