4 Best Pre-Employment English Test Assessments

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There are numerous new technology and tools to help recruiters in their hiring process. Hiring managers need to use these advancements to stay ahead of the competition in the search for the best candidate. One of the most powerful tools for a competitive edge in the hunt for talent is online aptitude tests and English assessment tests.

These pre-employment test assessments are affordable and scientifically driven and can help employers to find candidates who excel in communication skills.

The English test assessments can be used to evaluate the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills of the candidates depending on the job you are recruiting for. It is important to choose the right assessment test to be able to identify the best candidate for the job profile.

Here are the best pre-employment English test assessments you should use in your recruiting process.


This pre-employment English test is aimed at high-profiled employees who are into content writing, blog writing, correspondence, or communicate daily with native speakers.

It can help to hire managers to assess the candidates’ skills such as vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension, and can help you evaluate fluency in reading text, reading accuracy, and conveying information.

The test is created according to the EEOC guidelines and provides a reporting feature so you can get an instant result. You can analyze performance in different sections to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. There are features like webcam proctoring and window violations to prevent cheating.  


An online English proficiency test to help recruiters find and hire talent without any bias. There are more than 360 assessment tests on the platform, that provide insights into how candidates think, communicate, and react in different situations.

The tests provide accurate, fast, and equated results in order to speed up and simplify the hiring process by finding candidates with excellent English communication skills.

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A fully automated English speaking test that offers support for conversational features – the candidates can converse with a bot and the results are with high correlation to human evaluators. The articulation skills of the candidates are evaluated through an automated spoken test – using Advanced AI and NLP, the test provides SVAR scores on pronunciation, articulation, fluency, grammar, active listening, spoken comprehension, and vocabulary.

The test provides wide coverage and high accuracy thanks to new types of high-fidelity questions to evaluate vocabulary and grammar.

The assessment is 12-15 minutes long and can be taken on any type of device – desktop, mobile, and phone. There is also support for multiple accents such as UK, US, OZ, and languages like Spanish and French.


The English quiz assessment platform provides the flexibility to test the skills you need according to your recruitment strategy, and you can have the best tool both for early and for late-stage English language screening.

With the help of online automation recruiting managers can evaluate more candidates and make data-driven decisions to shorten the hiring process and save valuable time and effort.

With the use of a reliable online screening tool, you can effectively assess English skills, reduce costs, and make more informed hiring decisions.