React.JS Assessment Tools

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React.JS is known around the world as one of the most popular JS libraries and it is backed up by a massive community of developers. It is a JavaScript library that is used for building user interface components. It is mainly used for single-page applications. It manages the view layers of web and mobile applications and allows the developer to build reusable IU components.

Jordan Walke is a software engineer at Facebook and he created React in 2011. It enables developers to build great web apps that change data without refreshing the page. It is fast, simple, and scalable. React works on applications’ user interfaces.

With all that being said, React,JS assessment is useful for screening the skills and abilities of React.JS developers. Making sure that you hire the best talent is essential for your business and as the demand for professionals is growing at a fast pace, a business cannot afford to miss out on opportunities offered by the digital revolution. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you hire the right person or people for the job.

KillerCoder React.JS Test

This skills test is going to evaluate the applicants’ programming language skills. They will be tested on using the library and you will see their ability to utilize frequently used programming patterns. It is an ideal pre-employment screening tool. React.JS coding test gauges the breadth of the candidate’s knowledge in React and their ability to find programs and fix bugs in the program.  

Someone who is skilled will be able to solve complex problems with ease. The assessment will cover all the concepts of the framework that a professional should be familiar with.

Mercer/ Mettl’s React.JS Assessment

You will be able to boost the hiring press by screening out people who are not equipped for the job. It will help you find the best of the best because you will be able to see who is able to work with the program quickly and efficiently and who cannot.

The assessment will help you find the right person who has the appropriate experience in the given field. You can also customize the test if you would like. This is going to help you see who has the skills that you require for your specific business needs.

The test will help you find the candidates who possess:

  • An in-depth understanding of React.js and its principles
  • Thorough knowledge of developing user interface components and implementing through workflows
  • Ability to use the knowledge of  web fundamentals like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 
  • Excellent understanding of interfacing and  server-side scripting knowledge 
  • Well-versed with data structure libraries

CodeAssess React.JS Tests?

CodeAssess is an online assessment platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers test the skills of candidates through online evaluation. This is a quick and easy way for you to see who the right programmer for the right task is. This is going to help you save time as well as help you build and grow your business with the right team members.