Benefits of Having Online Assessments During the Contingent Staffing Process

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

A lot of different companies have used Contingent specialists during the occasional hiring for quite a long time. Companies such as Macy’s, JCPenney as well as other companies have used Contingent assessment to help with the staffing process. 

We are going to open your eyes to the benefits of online Assessments in Contingent staffing process. 

Difficulties of Contingent Staffing:

Battle to discover qualified candidates

Aon Hewitt did a survey, and a majority of respondents stated that their most challenging task is building a large candidate pool to help fill open positions. They went on to say that even though there are a lot of people applying for jobs, many are trying to meet basic essentials for the staff headcount. 

Abbreviated hiring cycles 

You should acknowledge new employees, talk to them, provide them an onboarding session and have them set before your pinnacle season starts. This means that you’re feeling the squeeze to settle on recruiting choices in an extremely brief time-frame.

Not enough Attention to detail

Some companies’ impulse to compromise whilst hiring to ensure that they fill the slot is much higher than it needs to be. Your employees are not going to last if you are hiring for the sake of hiring. You need to make sure that you take your time and fill the spot with someone who is qualified for the project and job at hand. A strong work team will ensure your success. 

Main advantages of having online Assessments for Contingent Employees

There are a numerous advantages of having online assessments during the contingent staffing process. Let’s go over some of those gains.

Discover quality candidates

Online assessments can decrease the chance of a bad hire by half. This means that you are going to spend less time on candidates who do not qualify to meet your needs and spend more time building the perfect work team for your company. 

Improve recruiting choices

Selecting the right person for the right position and project will ensure better productivity, better efficiency as well as a decreased employee turnover. By doing pre-employment testing, you can help yourself accomplish the best employment fit between the candidate and the job that you wish to fill. 

Provide less tedious hiring cycles

Lessening the time spent on undesirable tasks will lead you to zero-in on other significant assignments, thus, expanding your efficiency. This will also help you save money and time in the long run. Instead of wasting your time on candidates that are not cut out for the job, you will spend your time more wisely on those who will make the perfect fit. 

Minimize hiring costs

You will save money during the hiring process. The cost of hiring a single candidate is rarely calculated. Online assessments will help improve the business as well as lower your hiring and training costs because you will hire someone who is the most qualified instead of hiring someone who needs to be trained. 

Get access to a larger talent pool

An online assessment platform can be coordinated with an organization’s ATS. It will permit candidates to present their data and show up for assessments. This is done consequently by the framework with no manual intervention.