Candidate Screening Made Easy

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

When a job is posted, the recruitment team will receive many application letters, whether from qualified or non-qualified candidates. After the applications are received, the position remains to the screening team to determine the best match. The old way of screening candidates has been replaced by technological advancement. Before introducing the new screening protocols, there was a lot of time wastage and resources too. The employer had to wait for a long time before getting the best fit for the job. However, there are significant changes in the ways of screening candidates, and they include the following.

Modified application forms

There before, candidates had to send resumes, CVs, and application letters. Taking time to go through the emails and sending feedback was hard. However, the job application has been automatic, and you will only have to meet the correct candidates for your position. The online application form is designed to have three steps as follows;

The first step is making a list of questions that matches the job requirement. The questions are based on either a full-time or a part-time job. This question helps you to test the candidate’s ability.

The candidates apply for the job by filling the form, and the system will automatically detect those who don’t fit the job. It also identifies what category of job the candidate will work it is part-time or full-time.

In the last step, the system will send a rejection email to the unqualified candidates. The rejected applications won’t reach the recruiters.

This application is effortless and time-saving, and the system saves the application letters so the organization can check them whenever they want.

Recording a video interview

Another form of conducting an interview is by asking the candidates to record a video answering the questions you have set in the application. The questions might be written or recorded in a video asking them than asking the candidates to answer them in a video. Below is how it happens;

The first thing is setting the questions and giving the candidates the task to solve something related to the job post. this way, the employer can know more about the candidate’s communication skills and confidence, and problem-solving skills.

The next thing is sending the link of the application to the candidates. You will receive various applications, and you can choose from the ones interested.

Assessment tests

A recruiter may not be aware of the programming language that needs to be used while screening for technical talent. This issue has been sorted by the digital market, where they provide you with a range of non-searchable interview questions you can choose from. The recruiter might decide to modify them or attached files and images to make them unique. The system also helps to detect whether the answers were copied, and the recruiter’s work is made more accessible.

In conclusion, the screening process is made possible by the screening tools provided by the digital market. The most significant advantage gained from it is that time is saved compared to the old ways of conducting the screening process. Concerning the video recording interview, the recruiter can know other skills that the employee possesses.