Hiring Guide for React JS Developers in 2021

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In the last two decades, hiring managers have been unable to employ certified React developers. For the last few years, React JS has become popular among programmers and has been widely used for business logic. React JS has noticed an increased market demand and according to a 2019 report, 92% of users used React JS repeatedly.

 To make the hiring process effective, we have a guide that will aid the hiring process and simplify it.

 What is React JS?

 React JS is a library of JavaScript codes for building user interfaces. It was created by Jordan Walke and is used for designing web apps and handset platforms. React is a product of Facebook and is maintained by developers and individual companies.

 Demand for React JS

React is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use program, making it the best choice for programmers. React component is simple, reusable and the speed is relatively high, making it an appealing program. According to the annual developer survey, react gained the top position with 75%, making it the favorites developer framework.

 The estimated number of developers who use react is over 540000, and websites that use React are more than 94000. React has attracted prominent companies like Airbnb, PayPal, and Instagram to solve user interface problems.

 Residence of most React JS developers

Most developers are found in North America, followed by Europe and Asia. America has over 1800 developers placing it at the top position. Considering professional job platforms can be of more significant advantage. Some of the sites include; LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, Unicorn, Careers, and CareerBuilder. 

Skills for React JS programmers

React JS developers are equipped with technical and soft skills. Before hiring a developer, it is good to assess the candidate’s skills. Some of the technical abilities are; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Virtual DOM, and libraries. Soft skills required are; competent communication skills, empathy, perseverance, and desire to advance in respect to the new technology.

 React JS remuneration

Due to the high demand for React JS worldwide, the salary for these developers is also high. The pay is directly proportional to the developer’s level of skills. The demand for developers is most elevated in America, followed by Australia and Germany.

 Summary of the hiring process

The recruiter and hiring manager conduct the recruitment process. The recruiter plays significant roles in the early stage of creating awareness and filtering candidates. The hiring manager performs the final interview and hires or dismisses the candidate(s). Before settling on who to hire, consider their up-to-date performance and the ability to adapt to emerging trends in React JS. Assessing the candidate to determine whether he/she complies with the company’s culture and work ethics should be done with keenness.

In conclusion, both the recruiter and hiring manager should carefully examine the resumes and candidates’ behavior during the interview to avoid hiring the wrong person. Out of all skills a candidate should possess, competent communication skills are mandatory. Due to developers’ increasing demand, hiring managers should prepare to spend a pretty coin on their salaries.