3 Things to Look For In An Angular JS Developer

photo by People Creations

Angular JS is a highly sought-after structural framework for dynamic web applications, and it requires a specific type of web developer. If your company uses the Angular JS framework, you will want to make sure you are finding a skilled developer who not only understands traditional skills but who knows how to work all the specific and unique features that come with Angular JS.

Let’s take a look at three things you should look for when assessing and hiring an Angular JS Developer for your company.

Is familiar with how to use and operate directives and components.

You will want your developer to not only understand the distinct difference between directives and the more simple components but to be able to easily and efficiently build these directives as part of their assessment process. Working with the unique aspects of Angular JS-style components can be a definite learning curve, so a developer who already has some familiarity with these components is a huge plus.

Knows how to work with the $http service.

              The Angular JS service is also tightly tied to a $hhtp service, which, while similar to the AJAX model, slightly enhances the original request model. So, not only should your potential developer need to have knowledge of the AJAX model, but they will need to know and understand how the $hhtp can augment the original AJAX model by using Promises and HTTP interceptors. Having your candidates explore the $hhtp service is a great, easy way to test your developers’ knowledge of Angular JS.

Is happy to break down parts of your application.

Like we’ve already mentioned, the Angular JS service can easily produce a number of simple components, all of which can be easily separated from the service. One of the best ways to test your potential new developer is to not only make sure they are able to break down parts of your application into smaller components but is content with doing so. The goal of this test is to see if your developer can break down your application and successfully make it simpler, interdependent, and create additional, reusable components.

In order to successfully test these skills, you will want to make sure you are providing your potential developer with a wide range of assessments that test of a variety of different skills; to make sure you are getting a well-rounded candidate. You can easily find a number of different fully automated assessments online that will help both you and your potential developer accurately assess both the job and the skills required.