Topmost Effective Tools for Testing PHP Developers

Photo by Miguelangel Miquelena on Unsplash

Web development is a concept that has been on the rise in recent years, and almost every enterprise requires its conduct for business. This has necessitated PHP developers in the institutions as the profession gains popularity and rises to the most competitive level. The biggest challenge for recruiting individuals in different areas or fields has been finding the best talent that suits the post. This is also a significant challenge when it comes to hiring PHP developers. Most recruiters or hiring managers opt for assessment to evaluate the capabilities that the candidates possess. Especially for PHP developers, here is a list of the best tools to use in 2021 to assess candidates and employees.

1.    TestDome

This tool provides more than thirty different kinds of assessment tests with an opportunity to create a customized assessment that better suits your requirements. TestDome comes with a remarkable ability to find and arrange tests according to duration, type, and difficulty. Their tests majorly involve standardized tests for PHP as well as web development using JavaScript and WordPress. Testdome offers the client a chance to buy tests in bulk by committing a reduction of cost to 7 USD for a batch of 600 candidates, up from 20 USD for each candidate.

2.    iMocha

It is also referred to as interviewMocha. This tool will help you test for basics in PHP development and the use of Python and PHP codes. Like TestDome, iMocha also offers customization features to specify the tests required with a free trial test to know the ones needed for the testing. A batch of three hundred test attempts here goes for 150 USD.

3.      DevSkiller

DevSkiller offers many different pre-set tests detailing many topics and frameworks from varied concepts for PHP development like Laravel and other similar frameworks. Their tests come in handy for lower-level developers up to the highest level developers or the so-called experts. This tool proves to be great assistance to hiring companies for the first time or are new to the process, charging an average monthly price of 500 USD.

4.    KillerCoder

The tool offers assessment only for mid-level and senior-level developers, with mid-level comprising 11 questions timed out after 15 minutes. The expert level, usually the senior level, has 31 questions that timeout at 45 minutes. Like other tools, KillerCoder allows customizing questions, framing them to fit your requirements for the assessment best. In addition, it provides excellent varied features for producing reports and statistics and compiling automated scores for the tests. When you run an enterprise account, you enjoy the chance of getting unlimited tests at a price amounting to around 350 USD. KillerCoder also allows opening a business account whose price tag measures about 119 USD. A business account will verse you with an opportunity to access and utilize up to 50 tests. When you run a personal account, the experience is free, but tests get limited to five.

To wrap up, in the digital era, everyone subscribes to revolutionizing their way of doing business to get the best. When it comes to hiring, every company is moving competitively towards looking for that outstanding talent that will assist in upgrading the productivity of their institution.