How to Form an Incredible Ruby on Rails Development Team

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Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source framework developers use to build websites and apps. This free program was designed to make development easier in regard to repetitive codes, for example. Many businesses include RoR in their tech stacks due to its accessibility and convenience.

Full Development Team or Freelancer

When bringing RoR experience to a company, considering whether to add an RoR development team or a single freelancer is important. The RoR tasks that need to be completed should help determine which of the two is better.

  • Freelancers can help with smaller tasks.

If a business has small tasks that require RoR experience, hiring a freelancer instead of a full team could be more cost-efficient. However, they will need to be supervised until the task is completed. The level of experience a freelancer should have would also depend on the task—easier tasks require less experience and freelancers can be paid less.

  • Development teams could divide a project among themselves.

Generally speaking, members of an RoR development team can essentially manage themselves. They wouldn’t need much outside supervision and a collective relationship should already be established. Additionally, each member might have a different skillset that adds to the value of the team. This makes them flexible with various tasks. Of course, hiring a team is more expensive than one freelancer and experience determines the price a company would need to pay to hire them.

Simple Now, Complex Later

Companies could choose to hire a freelancer for a simple RoR task then decide later to hire more freelancers to form a team. Ultimately, a company’s preference and the complexity of the tasks determine which choice is better.

Aspects of an Incredible RoR Development Team

Whether a full team is hired or a group of freelancers is brought in to become a team, any RoR team should:

  • Bring members with different skills to the table
  • Be able to work together and communicate appropriately
  • Understand Java, CSS, and HTML
  • Have backend and frontend knowledge
  • Be adaptable, mostly self-sustaining, and experienced
  • Have relevant hard (technical) and soft skills
  • Have someone to fulfill a management role

A good team will also understand how their client’s business functions in order to best suit their needs.

Where to Find a Good Team

Offering a nice salary is the first choice most businesses make. While there are developers who enjoy a good paying job, the ones who are passionate will be more likely to produce better results. Jobs that are interesting or challenging should bring in freelancers and development teams as well. Often, developers like to get outside of their comfort zone, gaining different kinds of experience. Lastly, the business itself could be a selling point. Developers will want to be a part of a company that aligns with their core values, interests, and culture.

Putting It All Together

When hiring an RoR team, balance experience with enthusiasm. Utilize the internet to select your team while objectively looking into each freelancer or the team’s background. Make compromises and be open-minded to the value of the work for what they are being paid.