Top Tools for Hiring Elixir Developers in 2021

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Elixir is a programming language released in 2011 that is similar to Kotlin. Both languages were designed to improve upon their predecessors. Elixir was derived from Erlang and uses the language’s virtual machine to transfer code to bytecode for Erlang. Functioning like Ruby on Rails, this language is adaptable, contains many tools, but, unlike RoR, is dynamically-typed.

In the hiring process, technical interviews are common. They provide an opportunity for developers to display some of their skills prior to being hired. Many companies rely heavily on conducting one of a few different types of tests:

  • Questionnaire
  • Test task or challenge
  • Working on a project

Sometimes companies require help coming up with these tests, deciding which is the best choice, or even compiling a list of high quality individuals for businesses to choose from. Some of the top tools for hiring Elixir developers are:

  1. SkillValue
  2. KillerCoder
  3. Mercer


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SkillValue gives you three main options—recruiting individuals, hiring freelancers, or selecting from its 400,000+ assessments. A free account is needed but there are several categories to choose from. Its site contains developers who specialize in frontend and backend development, PHP, JavaScript, Data Scientist, and Mobile.


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This website has a simple, fun design with a straightforward process. Accounts are free to create, and premium plan options are available as well. The premium prices are listed in euros, require monthly payments, and start at €99. KillerCoder is primarily an assessment tool that can help connect businesses with developers. It also offers an option to work with its experts to create specialized tests.


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Serving as an all-in-one site for hiring and assessing individuals, Mercer is a part of a company called Mettl. It contains assessments, information, and online classes. The site presents a personalized pricing plan but does have a free trial version. Mercer prides itself on corporate and educational services. This is a good option for companies to assess current employees as well. Upskilling could be a valid choice instead of hiring new developers.


Take advantage of the resources on the internet. However, while there are many places to assess or hire developers, do research on them first. They could have hidden fees, pricey plans, or a limited library of tests.

Every hiring and assessment tool is different. Most sites require a free account before the details of the tests, prices, or overall details are shared. For personalized pricing plans, doing a quick Google search may provide a general overview of the site’s standing with the community. Google reviews are also a good way of gauging whether the site is worth spending time or money on.

Begin with the three sites here. If none of them work, figure out what elements fit and use those to build a criteria list.