How to Evaluate and Hire a Great Web Developer in 2021

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Quite a lot of novices use educational platforms such as Udemy, W3Schools, and CodinGame to learn web development. 

As professional programmers are using these websites, so are beginner programmers who study the fundamentals but without the necessary experience.

Without a doubt, quality and great web developers are tough to come by. How can you find an experienced web developer? Where are they meeting? 

This how-to find & employ a quality web developer in 2021 will help you search for a great web developer.

What are the tasks required from a web developer?

A web developer can be described as a software technologist responsible for web applications and website development.

Some people use a web designer and web developer interchangeably. The fact is that a web designer is responsible for planning the visual look and user experience of a web app or website. In contrast, the web developer makes the functional app or website, depending on the visual designs.

What you must understand before engaging a web developer

A web developer works on both the back-end and front-end of a web application or website. Just a few web developers understand all the areas of web development but may have some knowledge of the databases, back-end, front-end, and they all communicate.

What qualifies one as a web developer?

For one to be qualified as a web developer, he/she must understand how to create the database, back-end, and front-end of a web application, as well as how to fit all of them together.

Front-end languages: These are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Back-end languages: Include PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. To be qualified as a great web developer, you must be familiar with these back-end programming languages.

Quality and experienced web developers will choose the programming language best suitable for the anticipated functionality of your web app instead of defaulting to the language they used to.

Database languages: Understanding how to access data from any database type being used is a must for a web developer. For instance, web developers could use the SQL or Structured Query Language to query an SQLite or MySQL database.

Tech stacks

Nearly all the available web developers are experienced with only a tech stack. Therefore, they always make use of a similar framework or on the front end, the same database type, the same language or framework on the same type of database, and the same back end.

Top Places to find web developers

Enumerated below are the top places to find great web developers.

Freelance job websites – There is an endless supply of web developers on Freelancer and Upwork freelance job sites. You can hire cheaply on these sites but be ready to screen a large number of candidates to find somebody fit. – This is a platform that matches gifted techs to amazing businesses in need of web developers. With more than 100+ companies on the platform, you can become a team member. – This is where job seekers, including web developers, are easily linked to their dream job. With, you are equipped with information about companies hiring anywhere across the globe. – Do you want to turn your idea into reality as a business owner? You can turn to It is a platform where you can hunt for job seekers such as web developers.

Other places to find web developers include:

· Live web developer events

· Public Code Repositories

· CodinGame Sourcing

· Social media platforms