How to Improve the Technical Interview Process

photo by Creative Art

The hiring procedure within the tech industry has experienced drastic changes over the past year. Many developers, hiring managers, and recruiters say this change is needed. Prior to 2020, the hiring process was struggling to produce good, long-term candidates for companies. This is mostly in part due to the older methods of hiring.

However, the lockdowns, work-from-home orders, and health difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic brought new tools to the table. Hiring managers and recruiters began taking the time to tweak their system of hiring employees. Positive results started to appear when they implemented a few different tactics such as:

  • AI screening tools
  • Tech assessments
  • Informal or casual meetings

Of course, some of these tools—namely the screening tools—were already being used, but on a much lighter level. Hiring managers and recruiters relied more on them, leading to better overall results.

What is a technical interview?

A technical interview is defined as part of the process of hiring individuals within tech industry. These interviews look at the technical skills, professional experience, and soft (or ‘people’) skills of an individual.

The Use of AI Screening Tools & Tech Assessments

Screening tools and tech assessments go hand-in-hand due to their combination of technology and human aspects. Technology is used with AI screening tools to narrow down a large pool of candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers can choose what criteria the screening tools filter candidates by. Tech assessments, on the other hand, are slightly different. While technology is used to conduct the assessments, a human element comes into play when choosing or creating the assessment. This will likely vary from company to company based on the positions available and tasks to be completed.

How do informal or casual meetings help?

One thing hiring managers and recruiters have learned is that inviting a slightly casual experience for potential employees means the candidates essentially perform better. Often, candidates get nervous and uncomfortable during the hiring process. This can impact their performance on tech assessments and in interviews. However, holding a meeting where the atmosphere is less professional, though still maintaining a small level of professionalism, is worth the effort. The meetings could focus on tasks related to the position, conversations between candidates and current employees, and so on.

Other Factors Affecting Technical Interviews

When holding virtual meetings or interviews through Zoom or Skype, for example, the background of the video can tell a recruiter or hiring manager a little more about the candidate. If he or she sits in front of an organized bookshelf, the candidate is considered to be an organized person. This may fit in well with a company’s culture. Alternatively, if the candidate’s background includes dirty laundry, clutter, and more, it might send a bad message to the person hiring.

Improving the Process

The hiring process is a difficult thing for many people to get through. Candidates can only do so much to prepare, but that’s where hiring managers and recruiters should go the extra mile. The number of tools available to help have increased. Added to the process appropriately, those tools could make technical interviews, and the process as a whole, much easier for both sides.