Avoiding Costly Mis-Hires with Pre-Employment Testing

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

When your organization hires the wrong people it can have a bad impact on the company. The consequences can be for a long period of time. A typical mis-hire will lead to a lack of efficiency. This is due to several reasons: the candidate hasn’t got the required skills for the job or he/she doesn’t fit in the company. Whatever the reason it will have negative results for the company.

To figure out if you made poor hiring is a difficult task. The poor decision will lead to losing money and resources, not to mention the time for training the new employee.

But everybody makes bad hires. Research from a University in Norway showed that companies have more than 70% mis-hires. So that means that only one of four people is the right candidate. Companies are trying hard to increase the chance of hiring the right candidate.

 That’s why companies are trying with pre-employment testing to select the candidates. The tests can help you choose the right candidate and avoid losing valuable time and money.   

Pre-employment tests make hiring easier

The pre-employment test is easy to use and makes the hiring process easier for your HR department. With the help of testing, you will gain insight into the candidate’s skills. This way you can instantly eliminate the weaker candidates. Tests are a more accurate way for people skills than the resume where you can manipulate the results and skills.

So after the test, all you have to do is compare the results. Hiring with testing gives all the candidates a fair chance for employment. Also, it saves time for the recruiters with non-qualified candidates. With the test, recruiters have a complete profile of the candidates.

After you compare the candidates the next phase are the interviews. Because of the testing, you will have interviews with the most qualified candidates and not waste time in verifying the resumes of all the applicants. This will make it easier for you to choose the right candidate for the job position.

Pre-employment testing helps you also with the retention

Even great employees can become mis-hires if you don’t support them. You have to provide them an onboarding process and support while they are at the company.

For a new employee, the most important part is to feel welcomed at the company. You can always ask the new employee what are his goals for the future. This information can help you adapt their training and to ensure working with the best of their abilities.

To retain all the employees in long term is not an easy job. You must commit to your employees on long-term training and growing together with the company. That way both sides will be happy. So you should always invest in your employees because if you lose them you will lose money and time for hiring new candidates.

Also, with the retention of your current employees, you will preserve your company’s culture and vision. And the most important part is that with good employees there are fewer mis-hires. So if you have the right employees do everything you can to keep them.