Enhancing Your Employer Brand: Candidate Assessments

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

Employer branding plays a major part in an organization or companies process to attract and hire skilled job candidates. Branding plays a major role in representing a company, showing how employees will be treated, work culture and so much more. 

Your employer brand is the main impact on the type of candidates who are applying to your job. This can majorly affect the quality and quantity. Hiring the right candidate can make or break your company, it must be done with diligence and provide a positive experience for the candidate. 

Candidate assessments are an element of the hiring process, not only is it a positive aspect for your company but can also bring a negative reputation. Nowadays, assessments are not always long, tedious, and very boring, but use technology to have a positive candidate experience. 

Let’s look at a few ideas companies can use to enhance their candidate’s experience with assessments:

Modernizing the employer brand by using an assessment process.

The outdated and boring assessment process can have a negative impact on hiring potential candidates, making candidates decline a job at that company.

Large companies, using pre-employment assessments would significantly increase their positive brand identity and increase the chances that top talent would accept a job offer.

Small-medium-sized companies can often face hardships when trying to find the right candidates for their open job positions. This is why candidate assessments can play a positive role to enhance candidates’ perceptions.

Companies use assessments with the goal of reducing the job turnover rate. By using a combination of coding assessments and personality assessments, organizations can reduce their turnover rate by more than 50%. This is done by hiring more skilled and better-fit individuals for the job.

The company also found that the assessments enhanced the credibility they had as an employer. Showing that the candidates who took the assessments show more respect for the interview process.

As you can see, cognitive assessments can play a major, and more importantly a positive role in enhancing your employer brand.