Top Java 8 Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

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Java has been famous as a programming language, and not just that; it is well known for adding various innovative features from time to time. A new release of Java programming language is Java 8 SE which was developed to overcome the drawbacks of previous Java versions while also upgrading its features.

Let’s have a quick look at the top 8 Java interview questions and answers in 2021

Question 1: What is the latest Java language?

Answer: The latest Java language, which has distinct characteristics and aids the work of programmers, is Java SE 8.

Question 2: Does Java need to be reformed or changed?

Answer: Due to specific reasons, some changes have to be made to Java, and the reasons are not far-fetched;

– To optimize CPUs used throughout the world 

– To level up with the required changes made for hardware and software technologies from time to time

– To support the running of different types of applications

– To create highly scalable applications

– To use all of the programming features, which are a component part of the recent Java SE 8.

Question 3: What are the popular latest features of Java SE 8?

Answer: Some of the latest features include; 

– Functional interfaces

– Spliterator

– Collections API Enhancements

– Lambda Expressions

– Stream API and more

Question 4: Why is Java SE 8 superior to others?

Answer: Java SE 8 is superior to others because of some of the features it possesses; some of which includes;

– Better performance applications

– Improved readability and concise codes

– Writes parallel codes

– Allows the use of more useable codes

– Supports database writing

Question 5: What is a Lambda Expression in Java SE 8?

Answer: Lambda Expression is an anonymous function that helps to accept various sets of inputs while also providing a variety of outcomes.

Question 6: What is the Functional Interface?

Answer: Functional interface is an interface that carries only one abstract method. It can be defined using Java SE 8 @Functionalinterface annotation to mark an interface as a functional interface.

 Question 7: What are the guidelines needed to be followed in Functional interface?

Answer: They include;

– Definition of the interface should be by only one abstract method

– Not greater than one abstract can be defined

– Any method could be used to define a number

– Make use of @Functionalinterface annotation while defining the interface

– The override of the Java.lang.object class’ method is not considered as an abstract method.

Question 8: Relationship between Lambda Expressions and Functional Interface?

Answer: The usage of Lambda means that we are utilizing a Functional interface. So, they are both related. Lambda Expressions form a part of the Functional interface, a more prominent platform carrying several other features and expressions.

Question 9: What is a Spliterator in Java SE 8?

Answer: It is one of the latest iterator interface produced by Oracle Corporation as part of Java SE 8.

Question 10: What is the usefulness of Optional in Java SE 8?

Answer: It is used to represent optional values whether they exist or not. It doesn’t support too many null checks. Furthermore, it helps to develop cleaner Java APIs.