Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Java Developer

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What is Java?

Java is one of the most commonly known platforms, providing portable codes for a range of server environments. It will help create an application that can be shared across various platforms. Java is object-oriented programming.

Things to consider before you hire a Java Developer

Because Java is used in all areas of the IT industry, it is not enough for a candidate to be confident and qualified in this programming language (except for junior programmers).  Java is both flexible and powerful. Like many areas of IT, Java is continuously being updated and therefore the developer should be experienced with industry rules and updates.

Java SE and Java EE

When developing and deploying codes on a desktop, you would use Java Standard Enterprise (JavaSE). Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) is built on top of Java SE and is used when running large-scale applications.

Java Qualifications

To ensure you have a credible Java Developer, you should check your hire’s qualifications. Oracle Java certifications come in four levels:

  1. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  2. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  3. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  4. Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

Java Skills and Assessments

During the interview process, there will be a number of skills that should be assessed. The two main areas will be core Java concepts and advanced Java concepts. Other sills you should test for are:

  • OOP concepts
  • Java generics
  • Collections and data structures
  • Inner classes
  • Network APIs
  • JVM Architecture
  • Serialization

On the bright side of receiving hundreds of curriculums, you will hopefully have more potential talent. On the downside, screening Java developers is a long and often boring job. The process can be helped if you focus on two main, straightforward types of challenge, a simple algorithm challenge, and an application challenge.

A Simple Algorithm Challenge

Despite the abundant number of online Java assessments, you will be able to find, many people still prefer to assess candidates based on algorithms. Algorithms are great for testing a variety of skills, especially a person’s ability to problem-solve.

You can provide your candidates with a certain number of programming problems that they must solve within a set period of time. All of the programming problems that a candidate tries to complete are assessed on the result, the time it took to complete, space and complexity. The good thing about this is that your technical team can evaluate the results, saving you some time.

An Application Development Challenge

This type of challenge is a multiple file project challenge. Bearing in mind that a Java developer’s job is to bridge the gap between problems we find in the real-word and coding, an algorithm may not provide sufficient opportunity for senior developers to demonstrate their skills. A real-life problem will provide a more accurate assessment of how a developer handles day-to-day situations they may face at work. This type of challenge offers more freedom in thinking while you see how the candidate develops a code.

A successful candidate will be one who has the correct knowledge in theory, and the ability to put this into practice with the right framework language.

Why use a Java Multiple Project?

Firstly, it will assist in the assessment of a candidate’s hands-on programming skills. Secondly, candidates will arrive at a solution while relating to a real-life problem.

Traditional interview techniques will not be sufficient to hire a Java developer. To hire the best candidate for your company, we advise you to use a combination of traditional methods along with modern assessment techniques.