Screening iOS Developer Skills

iOS skills

            Apple has for a long time dominated the phone industry and this has been mainly assisted by its operating system which can only be used by Apple devices. The programming languages used by Apple are Swift and Objective-C. Objective –C is class-based, reflective and object-oriented while Swift is protocol-oriented, block-structured and imperative. Swift was introduced lately after the Objective-c programming language. Most developers find Swift easier to use once they have learned the basics.

Recruiting iOS Developers

            When recruiting developers the person hiring needs to know that the technological market keeps on changing. Each year there are new discoveries being made and the company has to stay awake otherwise it will lose its customers. For example, if other phone companies such as Samsung come up with a technology that Apple is yet to discover and are not quick enough people will shift to the new market. The developer, therefore, has to always remain updated on what is happening in the market.

Since apple is purely a technology company the focus should mainly be on the developers and what they are doing, if they have the potential. They should also be hardworking and willing to go the extra mile for the case of the company’s growth. Apple also makes major changes in iOS every year and therefore, the developer has to be ready. Announcements for the technological direction of the company and programming language to be used are made at the World Wide Developers Conference, and hence, the recruiter must be keen on what is happening at the meeting.

Screening for iOS Developer Skills

            The developer’s CV shows the kind of work they have been up to and will help in making a wise decision. If the developer has developed an app it can be found on the iOS app store. The recruiter also needs to check out if the developer knows how to use the programming languages. Some of the languages expected on the CV include Swift and Objective- C. General awareness in code signing, database, and UI. Other frameworks include core location, map kit, AVFoundation, store kit, and core Bluetooth.

Interview Questions and Behavior

The interview is to help the recruiter know the kind of situations that the developer has faced in the past and if he or she successfully tackled them. The interview questions include whether the developer has ever worked as a tutor for any of the coding languages mainly swift since this is an added advantage as he will understand the work better. Having worked as a tutor also shows that the developer is able to train new employees who have joined his area. The interviewee can also be asked to handle an online coding test which will help in determining whether whatever is on their CV is true. Other questions may include listing the differences between the coding languages. The main reason behind the interview questions is to show whether the developer has an idea of what the job is about.