How Can Developer Assessments Improve Candidate Experience?

Woman with a laptop computer
Woman with a laptop computer on Picspree

It is sad to say that in 2020 there are still people that use whiteboards. That is fine for teachers, but for organizations that use whiteboard interviews as a standard process for hiring, that is wrong.

Developers usually write a solution on the whiteboard by using algorithms that have to be written in the bug-free form. Let’s remember that one whiteboard is not capable of editing. Thus it is not a code editor. This means that developers can’t see if the code works.

Sadly this is not the only disadvantage of interviews. Candidates face a lot of non-logical situations during interviews like long recruitment process, being ghosted by recruiters, coding in a strange environment, etc.

A lot of negative candidate experience has been reported lately. This negative experience can be damaging to companies, and the problem has to be fixed.

Fortunately, there is a solution, the developer assessments. Technical assessments are beneficial in the recruiting process because they offer:

  • Flexibly
  • Coding from anywhere candidates want
  • Structured interviews
  • Fair shot

How can your interview be successful?

Good candidate experience has become crucial. As a company, you have to stand apart from your competitors, and you have to give your employees everything they deserve. There are five ways which our team thinks are the most useful.

  1. Candidates should choose the language they want to be tested in. Many assessment platforms support different languages. Let them use the one they most want.
  2. Save your candidates’ time. Give them time to fix their mistakes. Use a platform that has code stubs. Also, the autocomplete feature is another smart move. Suggestions for different functions that later can be implemented into their code are valuable and save time. Inspect the code quality with an open-source platform like SonarQube, for example.
  3. Let them know if something is wrong. Use software that will help them quickly determine their mistakes. There are software applications that send proactive alerts.
  4. Online video interviews are always a good idea. That means that you care for your candidate and that you also allow him or her to express in the best environment possible. They only need a webcam and internet connection. For example, HackerEarth’s Assessment software sends relevant emails and also checks the candidate’s system. The communication between the candidate and the recruiter is more accessible this way.
  5. The light side and the dark side – The question that everybody asks at some point. What is better, to use a dark or light theme? Well, you should remember that each person is different. It is about different perceptions. Some developers prefer white, while others prefer a dark background. Use a platform that will allow your developer to code in a theme of their choice.

That was all about developer assessments. There are few things left that will make your candidate experience even better.

Pay attention to your job description. Use a clear job title, be honest to your candidate, describe the tasks, and with the right words, sell your job.

  • Tell them about your company culture and be specific. Use long sentences to describe and give an accurate view of what it is like to work for your company.
  • Be faster in the recruitment proves. To be more precise, be ahead of time and them.
  • Inform your candidates no matter if the job is fulfilled, canceled, or postponed. Be open with them even after they come to an interview. Tell them the truth, and do not let them wonder.
  • Please take a look at other companies and what they offer their employees and candidates.

A high-quality experience is the only way in which you would find and then employ high skilled talent. Follow the advice and provide a good interview.