ODOO Candidates – What is the Most Important Thing That Recruiters Should Know?


There is no more specific software than Odoo because of its unique requirements. To be an Odoo professional developer, one must also be a professional ERP developer since Odoo is ERP. Written on Python, the developers that specialize in this software are proficient in both ERP development and Python programming language. As you can calculate from the written above, finding the perfect candidate for the job is not easy at all.

What should the perfect candidate know before applying?

  • Knowledge in Python
  • Proficient JavaScript skills
  • SQL
  • What are these developers’ special skills?
  • QWEB
  • UI/Menus/Views/Actions
  • Modules
  • Controllers

These are the skills that every Odoo developer should have to stand a chance for an interview. But the problem appears when there are too many candidates, and the panic starts because they are all equally good.

On the other hand, that may not be the case since many people list skills and experience that is not real. Fortunately, some tools can help you in the process. To be more precise, those are questions and requirements that must be implemented in the interview process:

  1. Tell me about the aim key “data” has in manifest file – the answer is simple – It has the predefined data records in XML or CSV formats. Both have menus and views and predefined configuration data.
  2. What type of models do wizards use? – the answer – Models are not stored in a database. The records are temporary and are deleted when operations are done. TransientModel, as a particular class, is used for them.
  3. What is the aim of record rules? – the answer – They allow you to configure access based on record data. To elaborate, you can see products that have only specific tags, maybe invoices as well made by a user or its subordinates.
  4. Tell me how you will make your custom function be parsed by “t-esc” directive of the QWeb engine? – the answer – Inherit it from report_sxw.rml_parse and then add the class as _wrapped_report_class in the abstract report model.
  5. What additionals do you need when you want to create One2many relation to another model? – the answer – In relation model, Many2one.
  6. Tell me what models you need for a model inheritance? – the answer – To specify inheritance type uses internal fields_inherit_inherits_name.
  7. Elaborate about the different types of model inheritance that are present in Odoo: – the answer – class inheritance, prototype inheritance, delegation inheritance.
  8. Explain Odoo’s developer mode – the answer – Administrator gets multiple additional menus in here and operations. The ability to read and edit views is also present among spotting metadata, read information about each field, and more.
  9. If you add a new field in the inherited model, how you will allow a view to this field – the answer – inherit the base view and add field elaborating its position by xpath or by connecting to unique element.

Practical Tasks for Odoo Candidates include:

  1. Task 1 – make courses module in which you’ll include rooms, models, and websites.
  2. Task 2- modify survey module by adding a new type of question in which you’ll include a new type of matrix, formatted enter of information, selection of more than one image
  3. Task 3 – make module “scheduled reminders” in which you’ll make users make notes like description, recipients, and list of scheduled reminds.