Elixir Engineer Interview Questions to Hire the Right Senior Developer

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We have pulled together a comprehensive list of common interview questions that will help you hire an experienced Elixir developer.

Let’s take a look at the best question you can ask during an interview and the best way to answer them.

Explain the process of sending and receiving a message in Erlang

Use an exclamation mark (!) as the operator to send a message. Pid ! Message can be used as the syntax to send new messages.

Use pattern matching in the message queues for statement receipt.

What are Spawn_link 1l3 and Spawn/ 1l3?

Spawn/ 1l3 is responsible for both the creation of a new process and returning the pid. The process created runs later, thanks to the system scheduler queue.

Spawn_link/1l3: does the same as /1l3 except it has on top, an automatically created link between the new spawn process and caller.

To write Macros, name the syntax?

define ( Const, Replacement )

define ( Fun ( Var1 , Var2, …., Var ) , Replacement )

List examples of Erlang pre-defined Macros?

Below are some pre-defined Macros:

  • Module returns the name of the existing module.
  • Module_String returns the existing module name as a string.
  • File returns the existing filename.
  • Line returns the existing line number
  • Machine returns the existing machine name, ‘BEAM.’

Explain what a record is?

A record refers to a data structure that you use for the storage of a set number of elements. During the compilation record, tuple expressions are translated from expressions.

The record name defines the record, then the field names. Both records and these field names need to be atoms.

record (Name, { Field1 [= Value] , … FieldN [= ValueN] } )

To access the record field, what is the command you use?

Expr#Name.Field. The value of the mentioned field is returned by this command. Use the command #Name.Field for the position of the specified field.

Explain epmd (Erlang Port Mapper Daemon)

Basically a small server, you can use epmd for distributed communications. It manages the mapping between the node names and the machine addresses.

Name the main operators in Elixir?

Following are the main operators:

  • Misc operators
  • Boolean operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Arithmetic operators

Define String Interpolation?

String interpolation allows for the building of a new string value, the code for which is embedded in # function and curly braces.

What is the role of the Crypto Module?

Crypto module’s role is using hashtag function and digital signature to decrypt project applications.