Web Developer: Job Description, Skills, and Responsibilities  

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A Web Developer is someone who designs, creates, and maintains websites and web applications. There are three types of web developers: 

  • A front-end web developer is responsible for all the elements of a website that users see and interact with. 
  • A back-end web developer is the one responsible for the code that determines how the website functions. 
  • A full-stack web developer is someone who combines both front- and back-end. 

Generally, a web developer is capable of writing code in many programming languages. But that is not all when it comes to the skills a web developer should have. Read on to find out what is the job description for a web developer and which are the main skills and responsibilities for the position. 

Web Developer Job Description

Ideally, a web developer should have at least 3 to 5 years of experience working as a web developer or UX/UI developer. They work together with other programmers for the design and development of web solutions so apart from technical skills and knowledge, a web developer should be a team player and able to communicate and collaborate efficiently. 

The projects on which a web developer might work in a company can vary greatly – from small tasks in regard to support customers, to bigger projects that include software development.  

A web developer should be a problem-solver with a creative mind, well-familiar with all current trends and best practices, including performance optimization, usability, and accessibility. 

Web Developer Main Responsibilities 

A web developer works closely with the design and programming teams. Apart from writing maintainable and reusable code, they should be able to create mockups from UX/UI designs and wireframe for websites and email templates. Together with designers and back-end developers, they work constantly to improve the usability, test, and analyze the website and the code to optimize for maximum speed and scalability. A website developer actively reviews the performance and helps to research, analyze, and suggest new software solutions. 

Another part of the web developer’s responsibilities includes gaining continuous feedback from users, customers, and colleagues, as well as providing advice and recommendations to the marketing team on optimization opportunities and implementation with the digital agencies. 

To be able to do their job, a web developer should be able to perform well in a fast-based environment. They should thrive in a creative and innovative workspace and be a great communicator focused on problem-solving and improving. 

Web Developer Skills And Qualifications 

As a web developer, one should be proficient with front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as back-end languages (Phyton, Java, Ruby, PHP, C#). They should be familiar with JavaScript, JavaEE, and ORM frameworks and have middleware skills on REST/SOA services, APIConnect, or APIGEE. Knowledge of database technology is required, as well as experience with NoSQL and RDBMS. 

In addition, experience with AWS/Cloud-based technologies, as well as UI layouts, SASS, Bootstrap, and CSS GRID system is expected from a web developer. They should have a deep understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and solutions and be accustomed to using testing tools like Karma, Jasmine, or Webpack. A good understanding of SEO and basic knowledge of Photoshop or other graphic manipulation tools is also an advantage. 

Finally, soft skills like being a team player and a good communicator are the keys to being a great web developer.