Mistakes That Can Be Made When Choosing a Python Developer

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Everyone makes mistakes. But, in product development, those mistakes can end up costing a lot of resources and time. That is why hiring someone who is inexperienced or not aware of current trends in the development industry, can be a bad choice.

Business owners make the following common mistakes:

They use only passive recruiting

When business owners only use passive recruiting, they are placing the job on different recruiting platforms and waiting for candidates to come to them. While this method does have its purpose, it ends up limiting what candidates can be found that will suit the role the best. A lot of potential candidates can be missed out on.

In today’s world, active recruiting is the style that works best. It means paying attention to the best potential candidates on the various recruiting platforms. By tracking what projects candidates are working on and when those projects will come to an end, you may be able to find a suitable candidate that would be perfect for the required role and hire them directly.

If you are looking to hire an entire team of engineers, you may want to conduct a search through a review platform like Clutch.co. By using this platform, you can narrow your search down to specifics like region, price range, and even the company’s overall area of expertise.

The more avenues you use to search for candidates, the more effective you will find your results are. By combining both active and passive recruiting, you will be able to find your best option for the position.

They don’t learn enough about their candidate’s technical expertise

Before someone is hired to fill a position, they usually go through a technical interview. This interview is important, especially if the product owner isn’t extremely knowledgeable at these specific technical skills. It will be better for them to hire someone who can be responsible for the development process and technical interviews.  

Choosing a candidate requires that both their theoretical and practical knowledge is checked. There are times when mid-level developers may not have the theoretical knowledge that is needed to complete simple tasks. This would be the perfect time for a candidate to step in and show how they could be useful. If there is already a development team in place, but you want to scale it, checking the knowledge of your candidate should be the responsibility of the tech lead and senior developer. This is the best way to get an assessment that isn’t subjective while analyzing the test developer’s skill set.

They believe that technical skills are more important than soft skills

More often than not, employers will give more attention to what a developer knows and is capable of doing, than if they know how to communicate effectively with colleagues and work well with their team members. Miscommunication and the inability to work in a team creates problems in the working process and can lead to the stagnation of a project.

This is why it is better to choose a candidate with the ability to work well with others and can communicate, than someone who is only well-versed in hard skills and has no idea how to demonstrate what they mean to their colleagues.