How To Evaluate a Front-End Developer

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A front-end developer bridges the gap between the tech and non-technical aspects of web or app development projects. They are responsible for the content users are interacting with while using websites and apps. A front-end developer builds on the work of the back-end developer and needs to find the balance between form and function – their work not only needs to be well-built and efficient but also easy to use by different users and audiences. A highly skilled front-end developer not only possesses in-depth technical knowledge but is constantly focused on the user experience to make the final product more useful and enjoyable. 

When you are looking to hire a front-end developer, there are certain qualities you need to prioritize in order to find the best fit for your tech team. Read on to find out how to evaluate a front-end developer and what skills you should be looking for. 

What expertise a front-end developer should have

Ideally, a front-end developer will be well-versed in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as in various design patterns. They should possess a great understanding of the UX/UI concept and know-how to develop for the perceived experience. 

A good front-end developer is always up to date with the newest web technologies, tools, and best practices. Look for a proven track record of creating projects that perform for various users – different devices and browsers, abilities, and so on. They should write clean and maintainable code and be very familiar with debugging, security, and front-end testing. 

To make sure that a front-end developer is highly skilled, make sure that they have solid architecture and framework knowledge, can understand and execute the atomic design principle and can compare multiple options in order to select the best approach for the particular project. 

How to make sure a front-end developer is compatible with your tech team 

The front-end developer you will hire will not only need to be skilled and knowledgeable but also fit well within your team. In order to ensure that, you should evaluate whether the developer is familiar with the development methodology your team is using, as well as with the front-end framework of their choice. 

The successful front-end developer will be proactive and discuss freely with the rest of the development team and work within the established style guidelines and coding patterns. They should be familiar with the technologies and processes your team is using. 
Most importantly, the front-end developer you are evaluating should be a team player and work comfortably with others. 

What soft skills should a front-end developer have

Some of the most important soft skills a front-end developer should have included strong non-technical communication skills and the ability to correctly interpret the problems their work will solve. They should be able to identify the needs of various types of users with different backgrounds.

Attention for detail is key as they will need to turn designs into products sticking up to the smallest element. A constant desire for self-improvement and education is essential to ensure that they are up to date with the rapidly changing front-end technologies. And finally, the front-end developer you choose should be able to work within your brand’s aesthetic standard and have a good eye for UX.