5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Programmer Through Online Code Testing

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One of the major bugbears regarding recruiting is the length of time it takes. This is why experts created tools to carry out certain parts of the recruitment process online. Not only does it speed things it up, but it also provides excellent solutions to what has become an incredibly complex process due to the number of professions and specializations that are arising.

Online code testing is just one of the tools that have been created by professionals in order to streamline the recruitment of IT specialists, freeing up valuable time for the business and allowing candidates to become more engaged.

Let’s look at 5 of the key advantages of using inline code tests to recruit a programmer.

  1. Evaluation

Online code tests can contain basic and advanced questions related to Java, C, C++, Python, R, and plenty more concepts. For evaluating experienced or senior candidates, you can use KillerCoder.

Evaluations can take place in real-time. The recruiter can also provide further instructions and offer feedback throughout the process. The completed tasks can be stored and then reviewed or compared when needed.

  • Measurements of Time

We don’t have all day to reach our business goals, this means that unfortunately, programmers don’t have all day to solve coding problems. You might find an amazing programmer and hire them, only to realize that they are unable to meet the required deadlines. When using an online code test, each candidate is provided with the same amount of time to complete a task. Different times can be set for different complexities and the recruiter will be able to see the results based on timeframes that are relevant to the real world.

  • Lower Costs Per Hire

Consider all of the costs incurred during the recruitment process. Everything from reimbursing travel costs to the stationery and infrastructure. When you add it up, it becomes quite expensive. If you can carry out online code tests and combine this with video interviews, you can reduce a major part of the costs. If you are thinking you will only be saving the costs of a few sheets of paper, think again. On average, it can cost approximately $15,000 to fill one open position. Implementing online techniques can reduce this by about 50%.

With many IT positions, the possibility of remote work is increased. This means that if companies embrace the idea of virtual interviews and online code, they have access to a world of talent, rather than limiting themselves to local talent.

  • Recruiting the Best

It is normal that with manual tasting, mistakes in assessments can be made. Recruiters can make erroneous decisions based on misinformation. By choosing online code tests, you know you will be hiring the best of the best as they have proven their skills without discrepancies. Bear in mind that your specialized programmers will be in charge of important business areas such as mobile app development, cloud integration, computing, and SAAS.

Online code tests don’t just evaluate hard skills but also skills like working as part of a team and the cultural fit. Again, Talview is one solution to mention because it has incorporated other tools such as psychometric tools and live interviews so that more of the process can be automated.

  • Testing

Testing is one area that is often skipped over during the testing stage and even in production. When teams don’t test a software product correctly, bugs and errors may go undetected. If the product is released, a company will have to rework on the software until it is corrected, costing time and missed opportunities. If the company can include code testing based on real-time business problems, it will show just how capable the candidate is at testing code. This also provides insight into how a programmer views each stage of the development cycle.