Best Python Programming Online Tests

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It’s a dog eat dog in the world of technology and getting your product onto the market before your competition does. It is essential to find ways to speed up your process without sacrificing quality.

One way that you can save a great deal of time is by testing your candidate’s Python skills online. You will be able to verify the skills of numerous talents at the same time and then follow up with interviews with candidates that you know have the abilities to complete your project.

We are going to look at 5 online solutions that you will be able to use to test your candidates’ python skills.


Killercoder is a platform that has tests available for a range of programming skills including Python. They have two Python tests available; one is for mid-level developers and the other for senior developers. You also have the option to create your own tests too. The features of this site also include plagiarism detection, reports and statistics, and manual and automatic scoring, to name a few.

There is a personal account which is free. This gives 1 user up to 5 free tests and the option to create their own. The Business package is for those needing up to 50 tests plus access to the Killercoder test library for $99.99 per month. For an unlimited number of tests, the Enterprise package costs $299.99 per month. The site is also full of useful information on how to screen Python candidates.

  • Tests4geeks

You will find 11 tests ranging from 15 questions in 35 minutes to 40 questions in 90 minutes, all for mid-level developers. The tests also include Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL along with Python skills. You can create your own tests if you prefer. What is nice about Tests4geeks is that you can include your own branding in the test.

For the paid trial, you will receive 3 test sessions with custom branding and branded PDF reports for $29.95. If you need unlimited tests for one month, it will cost $99.95, 3 months for $239.95, and for $399.95 you can have unlimited tests for 6 months.

  • Coderbyte Interviews

This platform allows you to streamline the entire interview process from an interview session to results and interview notes sent to slack. You can create multiple interview sessions and manage them all from an easy to use dashboard. You can load a challenge from the Coderbyte Library or create your own challenge.

Aside from Python, basic programming, and algorithm testing, you will be able to see how candidates handle front-end, back-end, and DevOps challenges. The Pro package (at $199 a month) has unlimited assessments, open-ended and multiple-choice questions, plagiarism detection, and video recordings. You will also have access to automated grading and reports. The Elite package has the same but also includes live chat, data export, custom branding, and a few more features, at $499 a month.

  • Codility

For Python screening, you can create online tests that will specifically relate to your project. Or you can entrust Codility with creating tests so that you and focus on hosting an online coding competition. You can test Python and 39 other programming languages with 4 different difficulty levels. Once candidates have finished, you will receive full accurate reports.

One of the best features is the coding over live video, allowing candidates to interact with fellow developers and the team gets a better idea of how the candidate works. Pricing plans vary depending on each company’s needs.


For a straightforward and free solution, has an in-browser IDE so that you can start coding. From there, you can invite candidates to code with you or even create applications together. While it doesn’t offer tests, it is still an excellent way to assess candidates’ skills. While the interview could be carried out on the platform, you would still need to manage the process manually as it doesn’t have a dashboard like the other platforms.