5 Free Testing Tools For Java Programmers

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Whether you are fluent in Java or not, there are so many other core areas of your business that you should be focusing on as well as recruiting new programmers. By choosing a Java screening solution, you will be able to assess a candidate’s Java skill before inviting them for an interview, cutting the time it takes to hire the net Java programmer.

Here are some of the best testing tools for Java and a look at some of the additional features they have. 

  1. Killercoder.io

Killercoder has loads of information and blogs regarding tech candidate recruitment including interview questions to ask candidates. They have a Junior Java Developer test that has 26 questions and lasts for 45 minutes. This test is perfect for recruiters or staffing agencies that do not have experience with Java. On the other hand, companies can also create their own tests.

There are three price plans. The personal account is free but is limited to 5 free tests. The Business plan costs $99.99 per month and has up to 50 free tests and finally, the Enterprise plan has unlimited tests for $299.99 a month. All come with the option to create your own tests and features such as plagiarism detection, automating and manual scoring, and reports and statistics.

  • CoderPad

There are over 30 language skills you can test for using CoderPad, including Java and JavaScript. It is also straight forward to integrate with recruiting tools such as Greenhouse, Clara, and Lever. For the candidate experience, this tool will allow candidates to code in a natural environment and show their true talents. There is also the option to create your own challenges and build out custom take-home challenges.

Interviews are recorded so you can review them with other staff members, and you can participate in video calls from the browser. Though there are some amazing features, they do come at a price. The personal account with 5 free interviews costs $50 a month but you can make the most of the free trial to appreciate these great features.

  • Codingame

Considering Java’s popularity for Android games, it is worth mentioning Codingame. The team behind this solution include former employees of leading video gaming studios. Aside from that, this award-winning platform has some of the strongest anti-cheat technology. In total there are over 1900 questions that you can choose from to create a Java assessment or you can add your own questions. Tests are emailed to candidates and once completed you receive a complete report.

There is a free trial where you can invite 3 candidates to take a test. For unlimited tests and over 1000 different tasks, junior and senior-level questions as well as a number of other features, the Growth pack costs $249 per month.

  • Type12

This is a good cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any IT knowledge from the users. It supports multiple languages, one being Java, and a number of the associated frameworks like Django and NextJS. Candidates will be tested with real-world problems in a realistic environment.

For just $20 a month, you can carry out 10 interviews at a maximum of one hour per interview and access the Type12 basic library. For full access, unlimited interview time, and 50 interviews per month, it costs a very reasonable $99.

  • HackerRank

HackerRank is great is you are looking for excellent advanced features and the ability to customize your tests. There are over 1500 questions you can select, and the real-time coding gives you the chance to see how the candidate handles more complex problems and debugging. As well as being able to assess how the candidates perform, you can also see how your recruitment team has performed during the process.

There is a 14-day free trial period and after that, prices are based on a company’s needs.