The Best PHP Developer Assessment Tools for 2020

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Competition is high when it comes to hiring the best PHP candidates. With so many other companies ready to swoop up your potential candidate, it is essential that your recruitment process is fast, fair, and impresses your candidates. This is why we highly recommend using some of the assessment tools that are available in 2020. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tools to access your PHP developer candidates.

  1. DevSkiller

DevSkiller isn’t limited to PHP but does have an excellent range of tests that are based on PHP frameworks and libraries. The various tests also cover different skills such as APIs, CSS, Html, Laravel, and many more. The tests are separated into junior, mid-level, and senior positions and all of the tests are based on real-life tasks in a controlled environment.

The RealLife Testing methodology from DevSkiller allows for accurate results for frontend, backend, testing, and full-stack. You can create your own tests by choosing from the multiple-choice, database, code review, code gap, and essay questions. All of the results are presented in a simple way for non-technical recruiters to get a clear overview of candidates’ performance. There is a 7-day free trial and after the costs will depend on each company’s needs.


While there are ready-made tests for different programming languages. has two tests for PHP developers. The senior test consists of 31 questions in 45 minutes. Alternatively, there is a mid-level test with 11 questions in 15 minutes. The helpful team at will also build you a custom test if you can’t find what you are looking for.

This tool also features reports and statistics and automatic scoring or if you prefer, manual scoring. Questions can be MCQ, sentence completion, or open. You can take advantage of plagiarism detection too. There are three pricing packages, a free Personal account which allows for 5 free tests, the Business account is $118.89 with up to 50 tests, and for unlimited tests, the Enterprise account costs $356.71.

  • Skillvalue

Skillvalue has more than 600 tests, quizzes, and coding exercises with a massive collection of over 30,000 questions you can use to create custom tests. The PHP tests include assessments on Laravel, and PrestaShop. There are more than 50 PHP tests. Each test has 20 questions and can last 15 or 20 minutes. You can find Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced tests including frontend, backend, and full-stack.

Questions can be multiple choice or coding exercises and with Skillvalue’s algorithms provide you with immediate results and effective anti-cheating methods. For a unique experience, you can use Skillvalue to organize your own hackathon. This site has already tested nearly 21,000 PHP candidates.


ISOGRAD has separated its coding into TOSA desktop, TOSA digital, and TOSA code. It can even provide candidates with a TOSA qualification, which is an added bonus for your employment experience. The PHP5 tests are in the form of coding exercises, so the candidate will be given a question and they need to write a code that will then be executed and reviewed. There are 60 questions to choose from.

The tests can focus on PHP core languages and functions, applied PHP, PHP objects, patterns, and design, or algorithms. An average assessment of 12 questions takes approximately 30 minutes with immediate results. There are 4 different packs to choose from starting at $89.2 to $731.47.

  • Test Dome

Test Dome has tests for both job seekers and companies and had been used by over 450,000 jobseekers and 6,000 companies. Companies can test a candidate’s knowledge of commonly used PHP built-in functions, coding problems, and problem-solving skills. It is good that you can see some of the sample tests on the Test Dome website to get an idea of the questions, but you can also customize your questions.

The real-world problems have cheating protection, for example, copy/paste protection. The results are then grouped into pass or fail for you to easily see those who qualify. There is a report of all of the candidates’ results with their score percentage and you can then choose individual candidates for a closer look at their assessment. Test Dome has a free trial and prices are then on a per candidate basis and vary depending on the number of candidates you have.