Best CSS Online Assessment Tools for Tech Screening

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There are so many opportunities for CSS candidates that it is crucial you have your recruitment process running at an optimal level. Delays and an unsatisfactory recruitment process will encourage candidates to move on to the next available position. Using CSS online assessment tools not only helps you to filter out those who don’t qualify, but they also provide accurate insight into a candidate’s skills. Here are 5 of the best CSS online assessment tools to carry out your tech screening.

  1. Adaface

With Adaface, you have access to relevant questions that will test the skills that are required for the job instead of puzzles that wouldn’t be found in the real world. You will also be able to find assessments for different levels of experience and skill level, for example easy, medium, or hard. The HTML/CSS programming test can reduce screening time by 85%.

The test itself will ensure candidates can write usable code, test frontend programming languages, and frameworks, and experience with CSS 3, cross-browser and cross-device compatible UI, and integrating multi-source databases. All of the assessments are powered by an intelligent chatbot which frees up a lot of your time and you can access a detailed scoreboard to see the candidate’s results.

  • DevSkiller

There are at least 15 screening tests for CSS talent on DevSkiller each testing for various other skills such as JavaScript, web accessibility, ES6, GIT, jQuery, and HTML 5. Tests are categorized as Junior, Middle, and Senior to make sure you are testing the right candidate for the right skill level. Recruiters can watch the tests as they are being performed and also rely on the strict anti-plagiarism tool that DevSkiller uses to get accurate results.

The RealLifeTesting of DevSkiller provides a better candidate experience where they can either use their own IDE or access sites like Stack Overflow or Google for their research. These CSS online assessments offer insight into not only coding skills but also critical thinking and time management skills.

  • TestDome

To date, TestDome has been used by more than 450,000 job seekers and over 7,000 companies. There are 36 CSS related questions, mostly code-based but with a couple MCA (multiple correct choices). Questions are either easy or hard and can range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. Some are based on creating a design while others writing CSS that complies with certain rules. You can add custom questions to your assessment too.

Users can access their candidates’ scoreboard with an overview of all the results with the candidate’s email, pass percentage and the time it took to complete the test. By clicking on a certain candidate, you can get more in-depth feedback based on specific skills tested.

  • Coderbyte

Coderbyte is an ideal CSS online assessment tool for those recruiters who know what skills they want to test for but lack the ability to create an assessment. There are more than 300 challenges available so you have the option to choose questions from the Coderbyte library or you can select one of the templates to use.

Coderbyte has online assessments that have been created by senior developers, and on top of that, there is a community where you can discuss the solutions. It is also good that this tool regularly updates its library with new questions.


There are 16 tests in total covering junior to senior professionals. While the tests are aimed at certain programming languages, there also have strong elements of HTML and CSS. If you can’t find a test that meets your recruiting needs, the developers will help you to create one that does.

With Killercoder, you can take advantage of programming tests as well as logic-based challenges but aside from technical skills, you can also gain a better sense of a candidate’s soft skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Tests have also been created with the candidate experience in mind so that they can enjoy the process.