Pre-employment Ruby on Rails Tests to Assess & Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

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Developers love Ruby on Rails (ROR)because it assists in making websites and applications. One of the main advantages is its ability to simplify common repetitive tasks. It is open-source, secure, and easy to manage changes.

Ruby on Rails has a massive collection of gems that many other frameworks can’t offer, which is why it a good idea to hire ROR developers for your project. If you are looking for ways to speed up your hiring process, pre-employment Ruby on Rails tests give excellent insights into candidate’s skills and streamlines the hiring process. Here are some of the best ROR tests to assess and hire Ruby on Rails Developers.

  1. IMocha

The iMocha ROR test is for developers with between 2 and 4 years of experience. It has multiple choice questions as well as multiple-answer questions, fills in the blanks, true or false, and LogicBox—an AI-based pseudo-coding platform. The test is 20 minutes long and has 10 questions.

 Aside from the pre-designed test, you can customize this test to the right level of difficulty and combine other questions to test different skills. Results are converted into easy to read visual graphs that help non-technical recruiters. The iMocha website also has case studies you can review and various guides.

  • AspiringMinds

More than 5 million candidates are evaluated annually with AspiringMinds. The Ruby on Rails test measures Ruby programming, Rails installations and MVC, and app development and models. It covers a number of topics including the basics of Ruby, OOPS in Ruby, and modeling users.

The site also has a number of soft skills assessments like the cognitive ability test and the job simulations test. When it comes to interviewing candidates, there is the option to carry out AI-scored video interviews, live video interviews, and coding interviews. This solution is easy to use, plug, and play ready with automated proctoring and complete security.

  • Xobin

Xobin offers a great assessment that has been created by global subject matter experts and considers EEOC guidelines, so you reduce the chance of bias. Tests contain multiple-choice, multiple-answer, fill in the blanks, audio/video questions, and code simulations. It tests skills in areas like OOPS, Ruby libraries and gems, asset pipelines, Rails MVC, and more.

Results are sent within 5 seconds and include colored graphs for easy understanding. There are hundreds of tests in total and not limited to developers. You can run tests simultaneously to save even more time.

  • TestDome

TestDome has been used by companies like eBay and PayPal, along with more than 7,000 other companies. All tests contain premium real-world questions. The ROR test focuses on Ruby programming, Ruby on Rails framework, and Ruby on Rails APIs. There is a mixture of questions and solving coding problems. The test also includes related topics like bug fixing, strings, and exceptions.

Reports are extremely detailed, and users get an overview of all candidates as well as the option to take a closer look at individuals. Tests can be customized, and you can get a good idea of what the tests look like with the example questions on the site.

  • has an exceptional team behind it, made of professionals with years of experience behind them. Their tests have all been created by experts and they will help you to create a test that meets your needs. There are two Ruby on Rails tests. One is for middle ROR developers which lasts for 55 minutes and has 43 questions. The Senior ROR test has 50 questions with a duration of 60 minutes. is a great option for a user-friendly experience. The reports are visually appealing, and you can guarantee that the results are accurate. You can create your own tests by combining multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, and open questions. It is also an ideal solution for multi-organization management.