React Native Online Test to Assess and Hire Top Developers

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As more and more people use smartphones over desktops, developers face the challenge of making sure mobile apps are exceeding user expectations. React Native is the preferred choice for many because it helps to create a sleek and smooth interface. As well as that, it is faster and cheaper but doesn’t compromise on quality.

Searching for a React Native developer may be a struggle due to its growing popularity. Recruiters and Hiring Managers need to speed up the hiring process to ensure they are hiring the best candidates before someone else does. Online tests allow for pre-screening React Native talent so you can verify skills and prevent making a bad hire.

Here are the top 5 solutions to test and hire React Native developers.

  1. SkillValue

SkillValue is all about JavaScript. There are more than 600 tests divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There is a nice variety of questions including quizzes, coding exercises, and online competitions. Assessment options are available through the SkillValue SaaS platform. The SmartQuiz feature helps you to create your own questions too.

Once you have evaluated candidates, you can also use SkillValue to test the progress of your developers and check how effective your training program is. The site also has a job board which is an extremely useful feature.

  • TestGorilla

This offers an entry-level test in React which takes 10 minutes. It assesses candidates on the basic principles of React and the ReactJS API as well as advanced techniques, best practices, and performance optimization. The test was created by a professional front-end developer. Results are generated immediately so you can quickly compare all of your candidates.

TestGorilla is a great value for money. It is also a brilliant option for some of its other tests such as culture fit, leadership and people management, and plenty more. All tests have cheating prevention and video responses from candidates to get better insights.

  • Mettl

One of the pre-designed tests on Mettl is the React.js test, which all concepts of the framework, principles, and web fundamentals like HTML5 and CSS3. The 20 questions are broken down into 3 sections and candidates have 60 minutes to complete it. The difficulty level is moderate and is ideal for candidates with 1 to 3 years of experience.

You also have access to cognitive and behavioral tests to assess soft skills. Mettl has a lot of other great features to help with the hiring process including lateral and campus hiring as well as online hackathons to sport some of the hidden talents out there.

  • Adaface

The Adaface React Native test has been created by experts and includes React subtopics too. Questions can be multiple-choice, or coding questions, and they are all based on real-world scenarios that are related to the job. Users can adapt the test to make sure it is at the right level of experience for their vacancy.

Candidates will enjoy the experience thanks to Adaface’s intelligent Bot. Users will appreciate the detailed reporting in an easy to read manner. The test library contains more than 700 online tests including assessments on logical reasoning, data interpretation, and critical thinking.

  • has 2 online tests specifically for React Native developers. The mid-level React Native test contains 16 questions in 60 minutes and the Senior level test has 10 questions in 15 minutes. The professionals at can help you to customize tests or create your own questions. There are soft skill assessments for things like leadership and communication, ensuring your hire is the best all-around fit.

The user-friendly platform allows you to get reports of individual candidates and complete overviews as well. You can take advantage of automatic and manual scoring, a variety of questions types, plagiarism detection and you can upload files. offers a free trial to explore its benefits.