Best Kotlin Online Tests to Assess and Hire Kotlin Developers

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Many look at Kotlin as the Java alternative but at the same time, it has been designed to fully integrate with Java. There is also a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version of the standard Kotlin library that relies on the Java Class Library.  Kotlin is a cross-platform, general-purpose programming language but the interface permits the syntax to be more compact.

Kotlin is significantly growing in popularity, mainly because can be used for Android app development as well as web, desktop, and server-side development. Not only this, but Kotlin maintains backward compatibility with a number of Java and Android projects.

Though it might be easier to hire a Java developer, and in today’s climate, this is a big might, it is well worth looking for Kotlin developers for your next project. Thanks to technology today, you now have a worldwide talent pool to find the best Kotlin Developers. Here are 5 of the best Kotlin online tests to assess and hire Kotlin developers.

5 of the Best Kotlin Online Tests to Assess and Hire Kotlin Developers

  1. imocha

While imocha has other tests, the Kotlin test has 10 questions that will last 20 minutes. You can customize the test by adding multiple skills into the test or you can include your own questions. There is also the option to choose the difficulty rating between easy, medium, and hard questions depending on the level of experience you are testing for.

The topics covered in the test include compilation variable, when expressed, typecasting, an exception in Kotlin, logical operator, and more. If you prefer, you can request a tailor-made test with the help of their experts. Reports are clear to understand so you can quickly see the level the candidate has.

  • Mettl

The Mettl test is aimed at those candidates with 6 months to 2-years of experience and can be used to test Kotlin developers as well as Android and mobile app developers. It will assess basic Kotlin programming, proficiency in object-oriented programming concepts, and advanced knowledge of collections, exception handling, generics, and more.

The test is broken down into 4 parts with 20 questions in total. The duration of the test is 60 minutes. Once you add this test to your list of tests with Mettl, you can share a link with your candidates and then receive the results once they have finished.

  • Eyardstick

This test is aimed at the Kotlin language, but it can also be used to test software engineers, developers, IT analysts, system programmers, and Java developers. It is most suited to candidates with 4 to 7 years of experience. The \software also has intelligent, on-demand video interviews combined with their questions.

The 20 questions with a 20-minute timeframe test Kotlin basics, defining and calling functions, type systems, higher-order functions, and generics, to name a few. Reports are highly detailed yet still suitable for recruiters without a Kotlin experience.

  • CodeAssess

Similar to the other solutions, CodeAssess comes with a pool of curated problems or users can create their own questions. Questions can be chosen based on skill, difficulty, attempts, and pass rate and candidates must write Kotlin code to solve problems in real-time. CodeAssess has been used by big names such as Google and Amazon.

CodeAssess was the first in the industry to prevent cheating and unfair measures in tests. Your account comes with a browser lock feature and a live proctoring system. If the candidate navigates away from the test, the test is disabled. You can also watch the progress of candidates through webcam recordings.

  • has a wide range of in-depth tests to test multiple programming language skills. All of the tests have been created by experts with the candidates in mind. You can create your own branded tests with the help of the professionals at The Java Kotlin test has 48 questions and lasts for 60 minutes. It is aimed at more senior developers.

Aside from this, also enables users to test candidates on soft skills. Additional features include plagiarism detection, automatic and manual scoring, reports and statistics, and different types of questions such as multiple-choice, open questions, and complete the sentence.