Top Senior Java Assessment Tests To Hire The Right Candidate

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Senior Java Developers will no doubt need an excellent level of skill in order to develop web applications and computer systems. They will need to be confident in designing and testing code, but they will also require leadership skills like communication and problem-solving. As these positions are of managerial levels, making a wrong hire can be even more costly.

We have put together a list of the 5 best online senior Java assessments that will simplify your hiring process yet remain accurate and professional.

  1. DevSkiller

The senior Java developer test lasts for 62 minutes and tests for skills like Java, Java 8, and Java Stream API. It is divided into two parts, a programming task, and 6 choice questions. Assessments are automatically evaluated for a fast overview of candidates’ skills and all of the DevSkiller tests have been created by experts. You are also able to interview developers from the platform.

If you prefer, you can also customize the test and create your own by choosing from predefined tests and multiple question types. The job description-based test wizard helps generate assessments based on the requirements of your job.

  • Imocha

With the online Java test, you can save up to 40% on hiring time and use tests that have been created to meet industry standards. There are 17 questions in the test which lasts for 60 minutes. It will assess candidates on SQLite, Spring MVC, and core Java as well as the ability to reuse components and build scalable applications. It is designed for developers with 3 to 6 years of experience with Java.

If you wish to add more questions, you can choose from MCQs, MAQs, fill in the blanks, AI-based pseudo-coding, whiteboard questions or add your own. Candidate reports are simple to read, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to understand them.

  • TestDome

The pre-built Java test will assess commonly used parts of the Java Class Library, the ability to write robust code, and solve problems and fix bugs. We thought it was great that you have examples of some of the questions that you can choose from before you commit to signing up. The premium question library has over 1,000 questions, none of which have the answers online. Tests also come with cheating protection.

Once you have selected your test, or created your own, you can send a URL to candidates they can take the test at a convenient time. You get an overview of all of the candidates in pass/fail groups and you can see individual reports including time taken and a percentage score mark.

  • Adaface

This senior Java developer test has 20 multiple choice questions and takes up to 45 minutes. It is designed for developers with 3 to 6 years of experience and it tests skills like core java, OOPS concepts, J2EE, Hibernate, XML web services, and struts. The Adaface platform comes with an intelligent chatbot that can work with candidates on the assessments.  

Each candidate has a detailed scorecard that breaks down the results of the different sections. Aside from customizable tests, you will also find some aptitude tests like critical thinking and verbal reasoning.


Killercoder .io has 2 senior java developer tests, one focuses specifically on Java and has 45 questions to be completed in 55 minutes. The senior Java & Kotlin test has 48 questions with a duration of 60 minutes. The tests have been created by Java specialists and you can ask one of the qualified team members to help you create your own online assessment. What’s more, has a great range of assessments for soft skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership.

This solution comes with a great range of features including automatic and manual scoring, detailed reports on candidate performance, a variety of question types, and plagiarism detection.