5 C# Assessment Tools You Should Use

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C# is a simple, elegant, type-safe, general-purpose oriented-language that allows developers to create various robust and secure applications that run on the .NET framework. It is created by Microsoft and is based on C and C++ programming languages. C# is easy to learn and can be used for the production of efficient programs for various computer programs. 

When hiring C# developers you need to be able to access the candidates’ skills and avoid the risk of a bad hire. In this case, using online assessment tools can be the best solution. 

Read on to find out which C# assessment tools you should use to optimize the process of hiring C# developers. 


.NET and C# online tests offered by DevSkiller were created by experts and provide the opportunity to test C# skills for different positions. They are perfect for online coding interviews and technical screening. 

These online tests use RealLifeTesting™ methodology so that recruiters can identify developers with the needed skill set.


This C# online test is created and validated by experts in the industry for hiring managers and tech recruiters. With it, you can assess C# programming skills and reduce candidate screening time. 

You can use the online test to filter out candidates for job roles like .NET Developer, Back-End Developer, C# Developer, C# .NET Developer, Web Developer, and C# Web Developer. 

The test includes ~15 MCQs, 1 coding challenge, and 1 debugging challenge and ensures that candidates have coding skills, expertise in writing reusable C# code, experience in building SOAP-based and RESTful web services, experience in integrating multiple databases and data sources, knowledge of MQ items, understanding of UNIX and experience of developing Shell and Percontents.


With this online C# coding test you can easily evaluate the programming skills of the candidates and decide whether to proceed with an interview invitation. The test is compiled by a team of professional developers and includes 20 questions on a broad spectrum of C# knowledge. You can rely on the results to receive an accurate picture of the candidates that are worth hiring. 


The C# assessment test of iMocha is designed by experts to validate C# programming language skills. Aimed specifically at senior developers, this online test will help hiring managers and recruiters to screen candidates faster and better. 

The test emphasizes the evaluation of knowledge and skills gained through real-life experience not that much theoretical knowledge. It will help you evaluate developers who are experienced in C# and .Net framework, Data structure, and Algorithm, Multithreading, Windows Services, MySQL, MongoDB, XML / JSON / SOAP, as well as design and debugging. 


This online test will ensure that C# senior developers will be the best fit for your company and will possess experience and knowledge on C# programming, .Net framework, web technologies, windows services, object-oriented knowledge, and IT security. There are automated screening tests which will provide detailed analytical reports for each candidate to help you measure not only programming skills, but also analytical skills,  logical reasoning skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.