4 Best Senior Android Developer Assessment Tools

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

One of the most popular operation systems, Android, is used to develop applications mostly for mobile phones and tablets. Android developers design and build apps, create UI and write business logic for the application. They are also expected to perform tests for the written code and ensure that security measures are taken to protect the data used in the app. 

When hiring an Android developer, you will need to evaluate various skills and abilities. There are assessment tests designed specifically to help hiring managers and recruiters check the candidates’ practical skills, work experience, and job readiness. These online tests can be taken remotely from anywhere and may include questions on layouts, permissions, machine learning, and more. The emphasis is on real-life experience, not so much on technical knowledge. 

Here are the best senior-level Android assessment tools. 


These questions and tests are designed to verify developers’ skills and knowledge on various general Android features and Android OS programming topics. 

Hiring managers and recruiters can easily screen candidates by using DevSkiller tests based on programming tasks and choice questions.


This practical test will help you evaluate if the candidates possess knowledge of Android SDK, different Android versions, different screen sizes, and other important skills. 

The coding test is created and validated by subject matter experts. It may contain different types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, descriptive, fill in the blanks, whiteboard questions, true and false, audio and video questions, as well as coding stimulations. 

You can also add your own questions and use features to avoid cheating during the test. 

At the end of the test, you will receive a detailed analysis of the test results so you can make a more informed decision on the candidates’ performance. 

Test Dome

This Android online assessment test will help you evaluate the candidates’ skills and knowledge of the Android operating system. It is perfect for the pre-employment screening as it will provide enough validation of the candidates’ expertise. 

The prospects will be required to answer questions about the application life cycle and the Android SDK. Knowledge of the Android SDK and its use is important. A good Android app developer should understand the application life cycle to be able to design and create applications of the highest quality. 


This online assessment test is available on KillerCode.io and provides a convenient way to test the Android skills of senior Android developers. The test contains 45 questions that need to be completed in 55 minutes. The questions are designed and validated by subject matter experts. 

The test emphasizes real-life skills gained through experience, not only on theoretical knowledge. It can be taken remotely and allow you to evaluate candidates’ working skills, expertise, and job readiness to find the best fit for your position.