5 Best React Js Assessment Tools on the Market Today

Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is mainly used for building single-page applications. It can help you manage the view layer effectively and to build reusable user interface components. 

React was created in 2011 and is simple, fast, and scalable, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. You can build web and mobile applications that change data without having to refresh the page. 

ReactJS is backed by a large developer community. When hiring a developer, you need to use a ReactJS assessment to screen the abilities and skills of ReactJS developers. 

Read on to find out the 5 best ReactJS assessment tools currently on the market.  

KillerCoder’s React.js Test 

This ReactJS assessment test evaluates programming language skills and knowledge. It gauges the capability of developers to identify and fix bugs and to use frequently used patterns. 

A well-experienced ReactJS developer will know how to solve complex problems without much effort. With this assessment test, all concepts of the framework are covered to be sure that the candidate is well-versed and possesses all the needed skills.

Mettl’s React.js Assessment

With this ReactJS online assessment, you can quickly screen out candidates without adequate skills early in the process. Use the test to see if the developers possess the required skills without having to spend extra time. 

By accommodating an assessment test in your requirement process, you can make unbiased decisions and evaluate candidates’ knowledge and skills using various questions. 


This online test is created by industry experts to help evaluate JavaScript and React programming skills. 

It is design to test skills such as knowledge of front end programming languages and their related frameworks; understanding of core principles of ReactJS; knowledge of server-side scripting knowledge; familiarity with libraries like ReactJS, AngualrJS, KnockoutJS, VueJS; experience with writing unit and functional tests; ability to write reusable code; knowledge of data structured libraries; familiarity with HTML, CSS, pre-processors, and more. 

iMocha’s React.js online test

This online test will help employers to make unbiased decisions and find the best candidate for the position. It includes questions on render function, mounting methods, component optimization, password principles so you can properly evaluate ReactJS skills. 

The test will help you screen the candidates who are able to develop UI components and implementation using Flux and Redux, as well as those with a deep understanding of core principles and web fundamentals. You can also ask for a custom-made test that will include a specific skillset according to your job description. 

You can also customize the test to set a difficult level, choose different questions to access different experience levels, add multiple skills in a single test, or add your own questions. 


There are different React test levels that can help you get a better picture of the applicants’ coding skills. You can choose from Junior, Middle, or Senior level to skill abilities and skills of the developers. 

The coding challenges are supported by the unique RealLifeTesting™ methodology, which means that tests the candidates with real-world problems. Applicants need to use their ReactJS skills in a creative way to ensure that they are able to solve the test and write functional code.