Top 7 Android Developer Coding Tests

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When hiring an Android developer, you need to evaluate the different skills and knowledge needed for the creation of Android apps. 

An Android developer is responsible for the design and development of applications for Android. They create the user interface and write the business logic for the application, as well as perform unit tests for the written code and ensure that proper security measures are taken. 

Using an Android developer coding test can help hiring managers and recruiters assess the skills and knowledge of the candidates. This type of test is specifically developed to evaluate practical skills per the industry standards, as well as the working skills and job readiness. It can be taken from anywhere and at a convenient time for the candidates. 

Read on to find out the best Android developer coding tests currently on the market. 


This test is created by subject matter experts and offers a detailed analysis of the results to help recruiters to make more informed decisions in the hiring process. The test uses a set of questions covering all the essential technology developments and you can also add your own questions to cope with the specifics of the job description. 

There are useful features such as webcam proctoring and window violation to help to detect cheating. 

The test can be customized by selecting different levels (easy, medium, and hard), combining multiple skills in a single test for a more effective assessment, adding your own questions, or getting a tailor-made test created with the help of iMocha SMEs to ensure the highest level of success in the hiring process. 


This online coding test consists of 20 questions in total that need to be finished in 50 minutes maximum. It is suitable for the assessment of middle-level programmers and is best if used before the interview stage to identify the skill levels of the candidates. 

The questions are written by professional Android developers and reflect real-world challenges. Using the results of the test, you can easily compare the skills and knowledge of the different candidates and select the most qualified applicant for your position. 


This test uses well-balanced questions on various aspects of Android to evaluate the problem-solving abilities and coding skills of Android developers. It is best for Android developers with 1-2 years of experience. 

The test will help you evaluate job readiness and basic working skills to identify potential candidates. It contains 15 questions on basic Android fundamentals such as services, content providers, activity life cycle, Android data persistence, basic UI design, and more. 


This test provides a library of coding challenges that can help to reveal real-life competencies. It offers great candidate experience as well as insights and performance indicators that hiring managers can use to make better decisions. 

It is very easy and straightforward to use – simply create an account, select an assessment (or upload your own), and invite the candidates. The review features make it very easy to find the top performance and select the best fit for your job position. 


This test is designed according to the EEOS guidelines and will help you evaluate candidates and hire without any bias. It can contain multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, coding simulations, audio/video questions, descriptive, or fill in blanks.

The topics covered by the test include Android SDK Concepts, Java & Kotlin, GIT, XML Basics, Android Studio, and back end programming. 


This recruitment test will help you find the best fit for your organization and evaluate the skill set and competencies of a great Android developer. 

It will measure the knowledge and skills of the candidates on topics such as Android SDK, Java, API, GIT, backend development, and more. 


This test puts the emphasis on applied skills gained through real-life experience. With the help of powerful reporting, hiring managers and recruiters can benefit from detailed analysis to make better hiring decisions. 

The test contains 45 questions with a maximum duration of 55 minutes that focus on applied skills and experience, not that much on theoretical knowledge.