Best React Native Assessment Tools in 2021

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Some of the world’s most common apps are based on the React Native platform, such as Facebook and Instagram. That’s because React Native allows you to create native mobile apps on both the Android and iOS platforms, and using the same JavaScript code for both, greatly reduces development time.


Online coding tests by DevSkiller React Native lead the way when it comes to the most detailed React Native assessment methods available. React Native testing by DevSkiller is explicitly developed by our expert team to hire React Native developers, both in the quest for new junior React Native developers and in recruiting the best developers at any stage of development.

Testing in React Native is fast and accurate, built through our unique set of challenges and online tests to ensure that you find the perfect developer.

The RealLifeTestingTM technique, a tool that aims to simulate real-world scenarios for developers, is driven by DevSkiller React Native Online tests within a real-time frame.

It is possible to analyze DevSkiller methods for evaluating React Native developers anytime and anywhere. Find your next developer easily with our powerful React Native assessment methods.


The React Native test tests the awareness and skills of candidates in the React environment, the development of UIs using React Native, the understanding of native Android and iOS modules, and the development of successful workflows.

This test will help you find developers who can use the React Native framework to create native apps for your company. Candidates who do well in the test can easily and quickly build and deploy different types of components and plugins within React Native.

This React Native evaluation tests the knowledge of the React Native system for candidates. This test will help you recruit developers from React Native who can build, upgrade, and manage your apps for React Native.


Subject matter experts create the assessments available from TestGorilla based on their experience, skill, and credibility. Each test is peer-reviewed by another expert before being written, then calibrated using hundreds of test-takers with appropriate subject matter experience.


Built for seasoned experts, this quiz helps you test your knowledge of the React Native framework’s main concepts for mobile application creation.

Topics: fundamental principles, pieces, native modules, state and props, layouts, images, animation, database, etc. 

The test will help you gain insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Our detailed test reports will guide you to make an educated decision on recruiting.

This test can be used by any organization looking to develop a mobile application with React Native. The React Native test helps determine whether an applicant has experience creating an iOS or Android application with React Native.

Each question in this test focuses on a React Native core concept or unique region, and pairs well with the React test to fully evaluate the experience of a candidate with the underlying system (React) and the actual platform itself (React Native)

What areas (chapters) would the test cover, and why was it selected that way?

The entire test is structured with a total of twenty questions to equally analyze several significant sections of writing, constructing, and sustaining a fully-fledged React Native application.