Best Tools to Assess Elixir Developers When Hiring

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

With hiring for technical jobs on the rise, knowing which software and tools best assess your potential employee’s efficiency is crucial. Tests for Elixir Developer can be found on a variety of websites and programs, but which ones are the most effective? Let’s take a look at three of the top-rated tools and what their benefits are.


KillerCoder works well for those who are in a hurry and must interview multiple candidates in a short period of time. Their Elixir Developer test average thirty-three minutes and contain forty-five questions, quickly and accurately assess your potential candidate’s skill level and processes the results instantly for you to review. KillerCoder even offers free personal use and averages at just under $120 USD per month for business use. If you do not see the test you are looking for, KillerCoder invites you to contact their team, and they will work on creating a custom test for you.


Are you looking to hire a freelance developer? If so, SkillValue may be the tool for you. This website connects companies with developers looking to find jobs. While they have a variety of pre-made IT tests, including standard Elixir Developer assessment tests, it also offers a feature that allows you to create a custom test that can combine Elixir with other assessments of popular programs like PHP and JavaScript. Like KillerCoder, SkillValue offers a free personal account for one user and can build accounts for up to five users for $299 USD per month. Are you looking for more than five users? They offer custom packages that include both unlimited tests and jobs.


Mercer gives you the tools you need to create your own efficiency test for Elixir Developer and various other work-related needs, such as COVID protocols, mergers and acquisitions, and even workplace safety. By laying out the steps from designing the questions to creating an action plan, Mercer allows you to create what you need most for your company and hire at your own place. While it is significantly more expensive than some of its competitors, averaging at about $2,500 for the standard package, it is a one-time payment as opposed to a recurring monthly fee, making it perfect for larger companies who may want to hire over the course of a few months or even a year.

Whether you are looking to hire a developer quickly, hire a freelancer, or get some long-term assistance with your hiring process, there is a program for you. Price, quality of tests, and ability to customize should always be major factors when choosing an assessment tool. Once you’ve weighed your options, deciding on the best program to make your hiring process a little smoother should be a breeze!