Best Assessments to Test PHP Developers

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

PHP web developing, or coding server-side web application logic, is a profession that has been growing in both size and recognition in recent years. If you are hiring in the IT field, chances are you will at some point need a PHP web developer. What are the best ways to go about hiring the right person, or to make sure your current developer is versed in the web developing process? The following tools can help you assess potential and current employees and make sure everyone working for you has the knowledge they need.


TestDome is a popular assessment and hiring tool that offers over thirty-six types of tests, and gives you the option to customize tests if needed. They currently offer a standard PHP test, as well as specialized tests that relate to PHP web developing in JavaScript and WordPress. They also give you the ability to search and sort tests by type, difficulty, and expected completion time, making it easy to prep and prepare for the assessment process. TestDome, unlike many of it’s competitors, does not charge a monthly fee, but instead allows clients to purchase tests in bulk, making it perfect for companies doing one-time hiring of multiple employees. Tests start at $20 USD for one candidate and go down to $7 USD for six hundred candidates.


              InterviewMocha lets you take free practice tests that mirror those required for assessments. It offers a basic PHP test, as well as ones that focus on PHP developing in Python and PHP coding. Their prices for assessment packages start at $150 USD per month for three hundred testing attempts, and go up to $500 USD per month for twelve hundred testing attempts, making it appealing for not only potential hires but also current employees who need to assess their skills. They also offer customized packages, allowing you to determine the number of users and test attempts that are needed.


              Are you new to the hiring process? If so, DevSkiller may be the program for you. It comes with a variety of pre-made tests for PHP development that cover a wide range of topics and frameworks, including but not limited to Zend Framework, Laravel, and CodeIgniter. They also offer different tests for a wide range of skill levels, from junior developers up to senior or expert developers. Their prices average about $500 USD monthly for a standard package, and for larger companies, they offer a team-sized package that starts at $900 USD per month.

KillerCoder holds two tests for PHP developers, for mid-level developers, as well as for seniors. The senior test consists of 31 questions and has a duration of 45 minutes. Alternatively, there is a mid-level test with 11 questions that should be finished in 15 minutes. The experienced team at can also help you build a custom test if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Killercoder comes with numerous features such as reports, statistics, and automatic scoring. There are three pricing packages, a free Personal account which allows for five free tests; the Business account that costs $118.89 and provides up to 50 tests; and the Enterprise account, which come with a price tag of $356.71 and offers unlimited tests.