Hiring Technical Talent in Post COVID Era

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COVID 19 has brought many changes not leaving behind in the employment sector. Employees were forced to work from home to prevent the further spreading of the virus. Employers are currently undergoing difficulties related to hiring the right technical talents. Remote working is becoming the new normal, and there are so many things that employers need to consider before hiring in this post-COVID 19 era. Hiring technical talent is not easy, for there are so many protocols and criteria that should be followed. Below are the strategies that should be used when hiring technical talent.

Work on the job description

The job description is where most candidates consider checking whether they have the requirements for the job. Ensure that the job description lists out all the candidate’s functions and the significant role that they will play in the organization. Also, use a clear title concerning the job so that the interested candidates will be aware of what they are applying for.

Conduct proper screening

Due to the large pool of applicants available in the market, proper screening needs to be done. Many companies reduced the number of employees working for them because of the COVID 19 pandemic that led to the economic crisis. The recruitment team needs to conduct proper screening to avoid hiring candidates with the same level of experience as the ones available. It is good to check the candidate’s credentials that differentiate them from the rest.

Set a technical test for the candidates

To come up with a shortlist of candidates, it is good to set a list of small questions to check the applicants’ technical knowledge. You can put questions based on the tools and the job the candidate will be handling. This will help check from the candidate that will provide the best answers to the question and be considered among the pool.

Look for candidates online.

Technology has dramatically affected the way of living and people conducting business online, and they are using different media to meet online. When searching for technical talent, is it reasonable to search for portals such as GitHub, Behance, etc. these online portals enable you to chat directly with qualified candidates? Anyone with the technical skills will be found advertising in this portal, which will help you meet now with them.

Consider the candidate’s social life.

Due to COVID, 19 people have now come to realize how life is essential. As an employer, it necessary to consider the personal life of your employees. You need to know that they are supposed to look after the small kids at home due to daycares’ closure. In the other case, they are supposed to look after their old parents at home. When hiring an employee in this post COVID era, it is good to consider such issues.

In conclusion, we cannot deny that COVID is still with us, and life will not be the same again. It is better to look for new survival methods and let our lives continue as usual. Hiring technical talent online might be challenging, but they are beneficial when the above strategies are put in place.