Skills To Look for When Hiring .Net Developers

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To better understand the must-have skills of a .NET developer, we need to begin by a glance at the concept of .NET. Network Enabled Technology is a Microsoft-developed framework for developing applications usable on the web, mobile phones, and windows. This framework, abbreviated as .NET, is considered a Microsoft intervention to counter Sun’s Java on windows.

ASP.NET and .NET compared

Since its emergence in 2002, .NET has opened an opportunity for its users to enjoy a vast space with technology ranging from .NET core to ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a part of the framework that allows creating dynamic webpages by availing tools and libraries for designing web apps.

What makes .NET popular?

.NET core is used to design windows desktop applications and server-based applications, which can run across the board, that is, in windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The ability of the .NET core design to write codes usable in macOS, Windows, and Linux has given .NET popularity among developers. This design allows changes for the engineering community to improve the code.

At the baseline of the .NET framework is the widely used Object-oriented programming language, making it a priority in the developer’s checklist. The fact that this framework enjoys vast community usability, in companies of different sizes, for instance, makes it rare to have existing unsolved issues within the technology as most of the issues may have been worked on earlier by preceding developers.

Relationship between .NET and C#

It is crucial to consider the languages that work with .NET technology. The .NET framework allows writing applications in C#, F#, and Visual Basic languages. C# (pronounced as see sharp) is the coding language that nearly every developer would like to use to create .NET applications. It was created by Microsoft from C and C++ languages and adhered to the object-oriented programming model. The language is also simple to use and safe for program writing. F# is a programming language that aligns with the Object-oriented programming model with an added advantage of coding for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Visual Basic works with a simple syntax to build object-oriented applications.

Skills of .NET developers

.NET developers should have unique skills that differentiate them. Modern companies prefer the MVC architecture pattern. As a result, the developers should be competent in the ASP.NET MVC framework that aligns with the pattern.

The developer must again be able to come up with interactive web applications that are impressive as well. This means that they must possess client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth.

A developer needs to be qualified to maintain a database. He/she must then be familiar with modern technologies like NoSQL and the basics in implementing Microsoft’s SQL technologies.

In conclusion, as mentioned before, .NET is built on Object-oriented Programming language (OOP). This requires a developer who deeply understands OOP’s fundamentals such as Encapsulation, Data abstraction, Data Hiding, and Polymorphism. It is highly recommended to carry out thorough screening for .NET developers before hiring them, although the experience might seem difficult given every developer’s claims that they possess .NET skills. Use coding-test, especially on practical skills, to separate grains from the chaff.