Traits to Examine When Hiring a Software Developer

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How will I hire a competent software engineer? Which criteria will I use to select the best from the applicants? These are some of the questions hiring managers to ask before starting the whole process of hiring.
The company’s success depends on the kind of team hired, soft and hard skills. The candidate’s coding ability should be the primary test when hiring a developer. Besides technical skills, the following attributes should be adhered to when hiring software engineers.

A passionate programmer is ten times effective than one who is interested in salary. Passionate programmers will often learn from their mistakes and take them as stepping stones to the company’s success. They always consider programming as their dream job and hobby, thus higher output. They have the desire to explore new technologies and keep on pushing their abilities.

A programmer who knows what and why they are doing stays focused on the task. The programmers hired should be focused on achieving short and long-term goals for the company. The team chosen should not over-optimize their interests and avoid implementing the unnecessary latest technology. Avoid hiring coders who will come to work as routine but focused people.

Fast learner
Since the technology is evolving very fast, there is a need to hire coders who will positively perceive new technology. Programmers should exhibit that they can adapt and learn new programming skills and concepts quickly.
 If programmers cannot learn a new language with little or no guidance, then they are not suitable, and they will not last long. Programmers and companies should keep updates on the emerging technologies for the success of the company.

Domain Expert
When hiring a developer, consider someone who has specialized skills in a particular domain but not a generalist. Though generalists have a broad knowledge of different technologies, they may not be informed on emerging technologies. Hire a developer who will actively contribute to specialized demands and ensure the company’s success.

Team player
Since developers vary in skills and programming style, expect different solutions to the same problem. Therefore, hire a programmer who will adapt to the company’s working standards and work with the existing team.

 He/she should write code that is logical to team members and not guided by their thoughts and understanding. A newly hired coder should keep existing concepts constant while adding value to the existing code. Writing documentation will help team members understand your concept.

Ability to solve problems
At the core of programming lies the ability to solve problems. Engineers must prove their ability to identify the cause of a problem and solve it without experiencing difficulties. Technical problems need critical thinking and robust problem-solving abilities.

Craftsmanship is all about the product’s quality. As a programmer, you have to differentiate between the skills you possess and how to implement them in real life to solve a particular problem. Programmers need to do their best to deliver software within the stipulated time.

In conclusion, hiring the right developer is not an easy-to-go task, but if you understand the job requirement, you will be ten times closer to hiring the perfect developer. Do not rush to hire without evaluation of your candidates, and you will be lucky.