Main Differences Between an Assessment and a Challenge


Today, we will get into what the difference between an assessment and a challenge is and what these two look like in action. Do you know? Well, even if you do, are curious, or just confused, you are about to understand the difference, so I hope that is what you leave herewith. Let’s get to it!

First, let’s look at what an assessment is. An assessment is a set of challenges that are required to be solved by a candidate. In simpler terms, it can be seen as a “to-do” list of some sort. Not really like a grocery list; it is a bit more complex than that! This list has all the requirements that an employer wants a potential employee to check off. 

An assessment can focus on a group of tasks related to a specific set of goals, but it has a strict time limit. Therefore, when a candidate starts an assessment, they have to complete it before their time limit ends. 

Now that you know a bit about what an assessment is. Let’s move onto what defines a challenge. 

A challenge is a specific responsibility that is performed along with an assessment. However, different types of challenges have contrasting meanings. First, there is the code challenge. A code challenge tests a developer’s ability to conduct codes and solve issues. Overall, this challenge revolves around coding. The most important part of a code challenge is the ability to follow requirements needed by recruiters. 

The other type of challenge is a Q&A challenge. This challenge tests a developer’s knowledge by requiring answers to a set of questions or written prompts. An example of this would look like a type of survey with multiple choices.

Furthermore, a challenge revolves around a specific goal or solving a problem. Challenges can be given estimated times for completion, but they do not have strict deadlines like assessments do. 

A challenge is not so strict, and it has different types to it. Remember the code and Q&A we discussed? Assessments are all managed with a set of actions, but challenges are specific-based. If you are still stuck on the difference, there are some more examples of what a challenge may consist of.

Some examples that revolve around challenges include answering specific questions for a particular area of focus, such as quiz questions for front-end developer candidates.

So, let’s go over what the difference is between these two. An assessment is like a to-do list that is required and time managed by a recruiter. A challenge is a specific goal or task that needs to be solved, and the specific time limit is little to nothing. Now that you know the difference between an assessment, or at least I hope you do now, you can apply it to current or future workspaces. 

To learn more about different examples of challenges and assessments, look into various case studies within workspaces, and learn from the different practices used. Good luck out there potential hires and employers!