Hiring Android Developers

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The global market for developers keeps increasing every day, especially with the dynamic nature of technologies in recent days. The advent of android developers began with the emergence of the Android operating system in 2007 and the wide range of smartphone usage approximating more than 3 billion, influencing many app developers to opt for the new opportunity. Android and iPhone operating systems are leading in creating developers’ jobs to develop a mobile application. Here, we discuss some common facts about android developers that you need to know, cutting across their responsibilities and salaries.

Defining an android developer

An android developer is a specialist in mobile applications design and development. An android developer creates both complex and straightforward applications but is specific to producing an Android Operating system application. The core to the development of android applications is Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages, on which the developer must be well conversant. Most developers enroll in developing android apps because of the following reasons:

  • Android applications are easily portable to other operating systems. Coding is mainly done using Java.
  • Developing android applications is easy due to the less complex and flexible development methods.
  • Android platform is open-source, promoting creativity by encouraging developers to access and design it to their needs.
  • Extensive market reach as most smartphone manufacturers embrace the platform.

Responsibilities and the must-have skills for android developers

Application developers working on the Android platform must be versed with the following obligations:

  1. He/she should perform Code testing for usability and reliability.
  2. The development of applications for use on android platforms.
  3. Creation of new features as well as performing changes for applications.
  4. Discovery and implementation of new and more efficient technologies for development.

For an android developer to best fit in the field, there are crucial skills that must be in handy:

  • Excellent programming skills for Java, C++, and Kotlin languages and profound experience for the android studio.
  • Deep understanding of the architectural framework and technologies in the mobile development environment.
  • Must be a critical thinker.
  • In possession of good communication skills.
  • Must have vital aspects of punctuality.

Average Earnings for android developers

In most developed countries like the United States and Canada exists heavily salaried android developers.

The salary for android developers is dependent on some specific factors and which also differentiate their levels.

Based on the developer’s experience, an android developer can either belong to the beginner level, mid-level, or senior level. The beginner-level developers have just started working in the field and should have developed at least two functional mobile apps. This level’s developers should identify themselves as having skills in Java and Android SDK. The salary scale on an annual average basis is around 68000 USD in the United States. The mid-level class comprises developers who have so much invested in research in the field with a well-defined experience working with android and analysis.

Based on developer skills, developers equipped with some skills stand at a better chance than others—proficient skills in C++ and Kotlin and data management influence developer salaries positively.

Based on developer location, different nations have different pay measures as aforementioned. In various countries, developers in different areas earn differently depending on their geographical regions. For instance, developers in the United States earn more average salaries compared to any other nation globally. In the country, Android Developers based in San Francisco earn the highest average pay annually.

Android app development holds a bright future for application developers considering the ever-growing smartphone usage that embraces the android platform. This means choosing to become an android developer is a wise decision in this current era.