Why Tech Assessments Are Beneficial in the Hiring Process

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Whether seeking tests for technical or soft skills, online assessments are an excellent addition to the hiring process. This is especially true in the tech industry. Difficulties with in-person interaction following the COVID-19 pandemic also put a heavier reliance on the hiring process in regard to remote positions. Recruiters and hiring managers needed to find new ways of being able to gauge candidates’ skills from anywhere in the world. Thus, online tech assessments were introduced as an asset to the hiring process.

These virtual pre-employment tests allowed:

  • Remote participation
  • Large numbers of candidates taking them simultaneously
  • Collective data from test results
  • Different versions of assessments to be administered

Analytics are Important

Collecting results of each candidate’s assessment and being able to compare them is extremely beneficial. The analytics from these tests shows their strengths, weaknesses, how they stack up to other applicants, and sometimes even parts of their personality.

Be User-Friendly

Choosing an online test website that tech assessments can be set up on is as crucial as the tests themselves. Having the ability to easily navigate them no matter what device a candidate is on plays a part in the hiring process as well. For example, using a site that experiences glitches or crashes frequently may lead to unfinished answers. This could compromise a candidate’s score and is just frustrating for all parties.

Look at Assessment Tools & Options

Each site will have different tools recruiters and hiring managers can use to set up their tech assessments. Knowing what tools and options are available before creating the tests could save everyone time. Depending on the position, company’s mission, and hiring focus, some sites won’t be a good fit.

Internalize Before Externalizing

Sometimes, the best way to understand what kind of questions or problems to add to a tech assessment is to look at how the business is run internally. Analyze its structure, the employees’ work ethic, type and complexity of the projects, and so on to construct a test that answers the most important questions. Listing preferred candidate qualities based on those assessments is helpful as a guideline also.

Do Research First

Similar to the tools and options an assessment site presents, doing research on real experiences with the site is highly recommended. Learn from people who have already used the site. If it seems too good to be true—the perfect fit for any job the company may need to fill—a little digging may prove it’s just that. Scams and broken sites are common in any industry, though the tech industry is one such area that should avoid these due to the significance of data privacy.

Implement an Online Tech Assessment… It’s Worth It

Heavily reliant on remote positions and varying degrees of talent, hiring managers and recruiters have to be extra careful when choosing candidates to hire. Of course, having a lengthy or very short hiring process can deter applicants from submitting for the position. This is where online tech assessments fill gaps in the process while serving only as a tool for businesses. The rest is left to human knowledge and experience.