How to Screen a Java Developer in 2021

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  1. Definition of Java

The purpose of Java is to shorten the time for developing the app and reduce the costs of the apps. The code written in Java can run on all platforms that support Java.  All apps developed in Java have great performances because of the Just-In-Time compiler. The Just-In-Time compiler is responsible for the speed of the app and optimization. In the last few years, Java is one of the most popular programming languages but is considered to be pretty hard to use for non-developers. Another thing to have in mind is that Java is not similar to JavaScript, so don’t get these two mixed up.

  • Is there anything an HR recruiter should know about Java and Java skills?

The first thing that an HR recruiter should know is that Java is constantly changing, so the framework that developers were using 5 years ago is not good anymore. Have this in mind when you are testing the Java programmer skills.

The second thing the recruiter should know about Java is that the developer must have knowledge of the tools and the libraries. This is even more important than the knowledge of the language itself.  Without this, everything is just a waste of time. If the developer has experience with Java frameworks and libraries, he can write the code where it’s necessary and be more efficient.

The last thing the recruiter should know is that experience is crucial for Java. Formal education is not very useful for coding. Only if you are recruiting for an entry-level or junior position, you can assess the candidate’s Java skills based on the formal education and degree.

  • How to test the Java skills during the screening process

Picking up the best candidate for a Java developer is not an easy task. The process usually is long and tiring. Here are some helpful tools on how to assess java skills based on the candidate’s CV.

  • The screening process for Java skills based on the candidate’s CV

When you look at a resume, you assume that all the important information about the candidate is there, and you just need to find the ones that you need for the specified position. Although this seems easy, it can be confusing. This is why the tech recruiter must be familiar with all the Java frameworks and tools in order to understand the candidate and to find the best one for the open position.

  • The screening process for Java skills during a phone or a video call

Because it is almost impossible to find the best candidate only from the resume, tech recruiters always conduct a phone or a video interview. This way, the recruiter will have the chance to ask questions about the candidate’s Java skills. If you pass this interview, the next step is an on-site technical interview with the IT team.

  • The screening process for Java skills with an online coding test

An online coding test is the best way to assess the candidate’s Java skills. This is the final phase of the interview process, although more and more companies are using this method as the first choice so that recruiters can spend time only with the candidates that passed the test.